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10-Minute Low-Impact Cardio Circuit With LIT Method | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Low-Impact Cardio Circuit With LIT Method | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Class foot sugar we are back it's Justin And Taylor Norris the creators of the Lip method and we're bringing you a 10 Minute cardio circuit today all you need Is your own body weight let's go let's Go All right let's get this party started Let's do it here we go 10 minutes on the Clock we are going to get sweaty on my Go modified jumping jacks three two one Let's go all right team 10 minutes on The clock when you're done with this Workout you're gonna feel like you just Worked out for two hours three hours Four hours we don't know yet we're Getting sweaty we're getting weird here Go so two moves repeating each time These are your modified jumping jacks Take a little bit more flexion in those Legs put a smile on 10 minutes low Impact no running no jumping no wait Next move coming at you we're going to Toe TAPS in eight come on now in six Five four three two one recover all Right toe Taps you're gonna bring it Down nice and low just like this the Left foot's gonna tap out then we're Gonna switch sides right back to Center Here we go left foot first are you ready I'm ready are you ready I'm ready three Two one go left right oh yeah get this One on Tick Tock look at that Coordination right there you got it sit Nice and low team when I count you in

All we're gonna do is drop the hips a Little bit lower and five okay in four Uh oh Three two get a little bit lower There it is let those legs burn out just A little bit You know who's gonna break the first Sweat me or t here we go in five four Three two one stand it on up 30 seconds Your Jack's coming at you in three two One let's go all right guys for this Second set I want you just to get a Little bit lower okay A little pep in Your step stop it low there it is all Right you got that next move coming at You in ten I already know as the class Goes on it's gonna get harder five four Three two one stand it up drop it down Nice and low this time we pick the tempo Up three two one let's go Shuffle it Through okay that's it team we're Picking it up move those hands you're Pushing yourself all the way through low Impact high intensity glutes are firing Up let those arms swing Everyone's an Athlete come on you've got ten all the Way through for eight seven six Five four three two one ten second Breathe on the clock one of our favorite Moves boss Lambs you know the drill Grab it On my go opposite side three two one get It slam it Get mad at it yep

So really when you bring those arms over Top Act like you're grabbing something and Throwing it to the ground letting those Legs do the work ABS obliques lumbar Whoa come on hang in there ten more Seconds when I count you in no breaks Climbers in five four three two drop it Down high plank 30 seconds in three two One let's get it How you feeling over there I'm ready I Told you We are packing it in 10 minutes It's gonna feel like you just hit an Hour you're on those feet in 10. On those feet and eight And six In five four three two stand it up I lost some sweating first I know boss Lambs three Two One let's go yep all the way through Team 30 seconds on the clock let's see it we Dropped down We hit the climbers whoo This is like 1980 Jane Fonda right here oh my Goodness I wish I had the matching Outfit oh we do down the climbers in Five four three two one meet us down You've got this come on let's go before You even start head down close your eyes On my go Max it out three two one let's

Go Breathe control that breathing Head down find it Remember you can break but you can't Quit You've got ten pep all the way through For eight for six five four three two One it's over nope you're halfway there All right next move that lateral step to Twist take a look at me before you start You're gonna step it out twist it out to Top 30 seconds each side here we go in Three feet together Two one step drive as you twist ABS stay Nice and tight stabilizing off one leg Driving opposite knee to opposite elbow Smiling is optional I already know T is But are you this is it you've got 10 More seconds on the clock really drive It through Let's Go whoo come on team That's it you've got five four three two Last one and Recover Bring It On in when I count you In in three When I count you in two One drop Drive inhale on the way down exhale on The way out control that breathing Flying the stability find the strength How you feeling out there today I'm Ready how you feeling over there t Oh he's just warming up That's it guys last five here hang in There with me

Here we go you've got five You've got four you've got three you've Got two and recover All right team you already know I'm Gonna throw in ice skaters sit nice and Low watch before you start just like an Athlete whenever I say go you're hitting Your ice skaters whenever I say stop You're in a static hole let's go here we Go in four In three And two In two oh Let's Get It Go Remember whenever I say stop you're in That static hold float right on the feet Driving out medial gloat do the work Here we go in five four three two one is That a cold hold it sit low up on the Toes okay hold it Five seconds kills dropping four Three two hold drop all right team here We go when I count you in we're going Right to ice skaters left side first and Three two one let's go Eyes up on screen you've got this push Yourself 30 seconds it's nice and light On your feet to make it harder really Push out full speed that's it you've got Five ah you've got four you've got three Static holding two last one wrap it hold It sit 15 seconds up on the toes Push the blood down [Applause]

Up one of these this is the slowest 10 Second countdown of your life you love Me Oh 10. Eight Seven oh six Keep holding five keep holding four keep Holding are they shaking yeah three hold It two stand it up slow punches on my go Tabata we're putting in that Epoch post Oxygen consumption here we go left and Right in three Two one slow left All right so explosions 20 seconds on 10 Seconds off here we go in three And two that Tabata burn Go high speed team ABS nice and tight Right at the screen Hands up a little bit higher right here All the way through your dog's watching You your neighbor's watching you your Cat might be watching you come on last Five four three two one down go left Breathe go right left Right recover 20 second Tabata push in Three And two One get it let's go all the way through Final set arms heavy you're heavy you've Got the hero around the last set ten Seconds nine that ain't right to camera Right to counterclock Five four five Don't hate me three two one recover hero

Round squat to obli twist the best for Last See you count us in let's go in three Two one let's go I don't know is teeth Sweating yet I don't see it I don't see It I see it come on this is it you've got 15 seconds on the clock push yourself Come on drive it all the way through Last 10 seconds your workout is over Come in there eight seven six five four Three two one Oh Team quick cooldown right here feet nice And wide just like this all we're going To do is push over to the left Right here drop it in hold you can use That elbow against your knee for Leverage point that toe out stretch that Inner thigh Breathe 10 minutes three two go You've got this team hang in there Point that toe for five Four Three two stand it on up arms come up Overhead you know the drill It starts from the inside out on my go You're unstoppable one one two two three [Applause] Founders of lit method thank you for Sweating with us today and we'll see you Next time classic sugar

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