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10-Minute Latin-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Latin-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up dance bit sugar it's your girl Poofy Today and I'm serving you up a 10 minute Cardio Dance Workout Latin Style And to help you do that I got my Crow Friends with me say what's up to Paris What's up guys and say hello to Steph Hey Hey Now ladies are y'all ready okay Girl are you all ready with this okay Give me a little shimmy you're ready Let's Dance all right dance for sugar I'm so excited to be here with you today This is a full circle moment for me are You guys ready to dip let's go here it Is Yeah I started in my living room dancing Just like you and here I am ah this is Amazing I'm super excited let's roll it Out hips and shoulders two three four Five six seven switch other side looking Good team thank you click it down oh Okay assistant sassy move right here yes Switch it now this is one of my Favorites you're gonna booty pop and Turn let's go Hey okay Salsa step it out oh this is a basic Same two-step with a little twist keep Those knees bent good we're gonna get a Lot of practice with this one so you'll Walk away now feet wide roller shoulders Back breathe let go something that Doesn't serve you today dance is all About freedom and loving your body for

Where it's at Roll It Forward breathe Find her reason to be grateful I'm so Grateful for my legs to keep me moving And grooving which y'all here we go roll Those hips to this side nice and slow at First then speed it up take it up and Down take it up down move it around Looking good other side nice and slow Close your eyes feel it make it feel Good for you to take it up and down then We're taking it back to the top roll Those hips and shoulders this way hey Looking good team how we feeling great Feeling good [Music] Yes other side now you know what's Coming your way right poopy popping Let's get it let's go Yes the dance is always encouraged to Drop it to that ground you're gonna give Me a pose in three two one hit it yeah All right dances we got another track Coming at you you're taking it up and Down A little bit more energy Let's go ladies [Music] Pull it two times [Music] Now pop star moment Walk It Out Walk it back shake off the haters okay There it is one more time we repeat this Side pull it up Let it pop in the back let's go take it

Up Let's switch other side yeah we got it Like that okay Maybe this one's a little bit more chill Now if you like it mild maybe some arms Get low with it Give me face give me face yes we got it One more time you all ready the best Energy you have yet let's go check it Out Let's go one more time take it up and Down other side I'm looking good Paris Feel that one too feeling your energy Boy you got three two and one pull it Out breathe I like to make this one Chill Let It Go the second round pull it Out yes Yes walk it out for me Pose All right dance fit sugar we got another One coming at you and some Salsa's a dip I want to see you dip blow okay are you Ready let's go [Music] Hey Now take it up and down take it up down Make those hips move Okay let's go other side now you're Gonna step front Make this chill if you want and you can Have the energy [Music] And one dip it out one more time you Already know what to do

The second time [Music] Now take it up and down [Music] Now switch And you're gonna pull towards me let's Go Looking good I see you popping at home [Music] Yeah You guys look sexy steps out It's a basic step give me some hips and Those knees go naturally the hands Little circles Breathe Here make us feel good for you Shake those arms up now you know this We're gonna repeat it again And if you're like being in your hair in Your face [Music] Now let me see how low you can go [Music] Okay Yes make this feel good for you feel Yourself Breathe we got this team Yes Steve I love salsa take it up take it Out okay Ready from the top tip it out breathe Outside [Music] Yes yes [Music]

Three good two one roll it up four three Two one we got one more round can you Guys give it to me your best energy yet Let's go yeah yes [Music] [Music] Are you ready to pose [Music] All right dance fish sugar we got Another song coming at you this is all About legs are you ready [Music] [Music] A couple of times Y'all ready [Music] [Music] Get a curly one so you can be my Girlfriend Hips Rock it to the side ready one more time [Music] Okay pop it with pop sugar let's go [Music] Hey now if you're feeling it you're Gonna let those arms go Flavor you know I like the sauces Three two one pose All right dance with sugar we got a Little salsa for the soul join me here Come on side to side this is the move I Want you to walk away with and if not Hit that rewind turn it out To make this feel good for you now the

Soul is all about moving and grooving so I wanna see you move let's dance Freestyle and if you don't know what to Do you can follow us too and think about A pose because we're gonna do this Together the last one of the workout Three two one yeah Amazing job dances let's hit this cool Down well deserved and go ahead and move Those hips side to side breathe with me Here and roll those hips out ready three Two one nice and slow feel yourself Close your eyes find something to be Grateful for today be grateful for your Body tell yourself you love it you got Three two one other way yes [Music] I'm so proud of you you should be proud Of yourself we're gonna take a stretch To the side All the way over Paris how you feeling [Music] Big breath now take it the other way Stephanie how are you feeling girl oh Nice and sweaty girl I love that taking On up roll those shoulders back for four For three two one roll of four four Three Two one one last big breath together Steal it in for the body mind a soul Right into the heart and I bow be honor Of my gratitude for your time your Energy and your sweat I thank you for Showing up for yourself and for me I

Want to thank my team Paris and Stephanie for joining me today we can't Wait to move with you next time and Until then keep dancing hey

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