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10-Minute Hip-Hop Follow-Along Dance Cardio Workout With Arianna Davis | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Hip-Hop Follow-Along Dance Cardio Workout With Arianna Davis | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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What's up everyone welcome to dance fit Sugar my name is Ariana Davis and we are Here with a 10 minute hip hop session For you guys here with me is poofy What's up everyone and here with me is Paris and they're assisting me today in This hip-hop session are you ready to Get dancing Oh yeah let's get dancing okay period Let's go okay guys let's get into it but First we're gonna start with a quick Little warm up we only got 10 minute Session today so we really got to warm Up real fast because we don't want to Hurt ourselves and we want to be warm For when we get groovy yeah yeah all Right ready we're gonna hit a little a Little hip-hop oh yeah And then we're gonna hit a little smooth Ocean smooth Yeah get those knees bending feel that Burn yeah And then we're gonna go back to the First move we're gonna hit oh yeah I can Feel my quads burning already [Music] That's the ocean we're gonna squat kick Squat kick yeah I know I'm doing this because we're Gonna be working those legs later yeah Gotta Get Ready All right y'all this is it for this Warm-up it's time to get into the moves Are you guys ready I am so ready I'm

Ready let's get right into it we only Got 10 minutes so let's go the first Move is And down I call it a woo cause you know All right so we did that once we go woo And down and grab and grab then we go Reach for the Stars we do that again on The left side And down hey hey For the Stars we're gonna do that again And reach we're gonna do this four times Reach [Music] The next move is so high so I want you To get yourself hide ready we go Left me up Cross stand up right knee up Reach again to the sky then we do that Four times all right so you wanna put That together please so remember the First move is one and two three four Reach for the Stars second move is Cross and up reach for the stars and Sorry I said four times we're actually Gonna do the first move four times in The second move twice ready let's put it All together here we go and five six Five six seven eight one eight two three Four five Thanks let's get it yeah yeah one and Two hey hey make it groovy yeah oh add a Little shoulder if you want to yes okay Let's do it again Hey hey I feel my legs burning

Hey get that cardio up Too damn hot ah then we go one and two Three and four five six seven eight last Time One and two three four five six we are Done period with the first part now Let's move on to the second phrase this Is actually my favorite part so let's Get right into it yeah let's catch the Music all right okay I'm gonna show you The first move and we're just gonna go Right to Tempo all right catch it with Me we go chicken wing Down up down hit pulse hit pulse that up Down up down this can be whatever you Want actually yeah get into it let's do It again We go hey hey hey hey hey one more time And oh slide it hey Yeah hey yeah next we go Yeah hop up the crowd the imaginary Crowd right in front of you I know you Want me in your living room and I'm in The studio but right now we on stage hey Yeah get into it let's do from the Beginning step oh snap [Applause] Yes oh my God I love this This is my favorite move right here hey Yeah oh one more time I'll do it okay Okay Yeah let's get into it yeah hey One more time hey Hey

[Music] Yes [Music] You have some Superstars right now hey Hey girl we are Beyonce yeah get into it Who fancy over here And we're gonna pose and walk it out Let's walk it in a circle And posing Walk It Out Walking in a circle Yes and hold All right guys how do you feel about Putting all those moves together I'm Ready I know y'all ready right yes let's Get it okay from the top some of the Temples are going to be a little bit Different but we're gonna make it work Because we love a challenge right let's Get into it [Music] Move on to the next move yeah she got it Hey reach up Reach ah let's do it again yeah up up Feel the burn I'm feeling it yeah same Hey this card it was going hard hey we Didn't come to play today next up is the Chicken ha Ha My favorite move yeah my favorite move Yeah hey Come on let's get it yeah let's get it Ladies one two hey I see y'all I see Y'all One more time

Let's Pull it Pull it Pull it Hey hey hey you are on stage right now You are a star you are living your best Life and everybody came to this show to See you hey Hey All the people in the back hey hey all The people in the back Let's go to this hey And we walk over We do it again give me sad yes Let's do it yeah we did that period you Want to do it again [Music] Because I'm having fun I don't know About you but are you having fun I'm Having fun yes let's do it again yeah Hey hey hey [Music] Hey Okay let's go okay [Music] Push it away you know what I feel I like What you feel I'm pushing away the Haters Sayonara Goodbye Get ready for the jump crisscross Hey You know what I feel like a new person Ain't nobody can tell me nothing hey

One more time Yeah chicken wing hey Crump it up hey hey Can't wait Buffalo It's like almost a little break let's do It one more time Are you ready to do it again yeah One more time Let's do it again Hey hey oh oh that's something Haters let's move on to crisscross hey Hey Y'all can't tell me nothing I'm sorry oh Yeah Doing Hey Thank you guys so so much that was a Straight up workout it was I mean I am Dripping sweat I don't know if you can See me from here but how do you feel I'm Glowing glowing guys thank you so much For joining us today at Dancefit sugar Once again my name is Ariana Davis say Goodbye to poofy and bye to Paris thank You guys so much for joining us and I Hope to see you back soon Bye [Music]

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