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10-Minute Hardest HIIT Lower-Body Workout With Bands




10-Minute Hardest HIIT Lower-Body Workout With Bands

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And I know if you've been with Coach Rainier before you know we say love and You can have yourself some fun you can Try to make it into a dance move okay Whatever you need to do to enjoy Yourself and ignore the burn hello Classmate sugar it is your boy Supernatural Contra near pollen and I Have got for you today a 10 minute Booty Man and lower body workout you could add On some weights to add on a little bit More fun just come in ready to work it Baby All right let's get right into the swing Of things by swinging open these hips With some big old hip circles just Pretend you're stepping over anything That tried to get between you and this Workout today because you made it okay Now as we open up these hips we're gonna Start to get into one of the squats that You're gonna see today which is a Perpendicular squat notice I'm at the Front of my mat the leg that I'm opening Up will land perpendicular to my front Leg off the mat so we're going back and To the side one by one just getting a Few of these in here before we get Ourselves a nice little pause let's get One more on each side taking your time Opening the knees nice and wide as you Push through those heels now I want you To stay in the squat turn forward both Of my toes are forward I'm gonna go from

A a squat into a hands hands right below The knees pads right in front of the Chest that squat to a hinge formation Because what are we working today this Derriere so we have to decide when it's Time to drop the booty I want to put it In the air so whatever I'm asking free Hands I'm talking hips up stretch those Hamstrings every time I want to squat It's drop that booty on both of these Exercises you are loading your heels now From here we're gonna lift this butt Reach forward and then I want you to Squeeze the butt as you take the hands In towards the side of the head reach Away and live for that deadlift position And squeeze Leilani is on our Modification and instead of reaching all The way forward she's reaching to a y to Really short in the lever and make it a Little bit easier on that lower back Let's just get a few more repetitions in Here Ah inhaling as you reach exhale squeeze That flat last one Stand tall and it's time to get to our First activity we are gonna get into Some weighted squats put those fans up Above the knees Leilani's gonna do our No Um weights especially on these squats However what else let's get down I have My feet nice and wide my toes are Pointing forward

My feet are wider than my shoulders I Love getting these front loaded squats Because the dumbbells really are going To counterbalance our derriere allows You to push that booty back and down and Then when you squeeze that butt your Goal is to Stand Tall keep the hips Underneath the body rather than Finishing with the hips in front so Although I want operation booty squeeze It's booty squeeze to take your hips Right back to neutral I'm looking right At my blue poofy over here who is Actually wearing the harder fan than me Because I needed her to take one for the Team today and I'm not insane to say you Better talk to your body and know what It's ready for it that's feeling good One more rep here I put these weights Down and now we're gonna hold down low And work on our abduction abduction Pulsing these knees out wide 25 second This is where you stay low enjoy Yourself and connect to this booty you Understand me And I know if you've been with coach Reneer before you know we stay long you Can have yourself some fun you can try To make it into a dance move okay Whatever you need to do so enjoy Yourself and ignore the burn rest it's Only 10 seconds though it's only 10 Seconds if you need two you can smack it It's yours wake it up I gave you the

Permission that you didn't need second Set go let it pause Let It Burn okay we Said 10 minutes I'm talking this melody I'm talking this little robotic Renewal's already out here with a sweat Competition come out Thank you That's why I let you get the uh the Tougher band so I could win Okay from there we're taking into a Squat jump because I promised some high Intensity I want you to go with me if You want to go on to your conference With Leilani feel free otherwise hi Flying fun let's go landing nice and Soft I'm prioritizing More than I'm prioritizing trying to get Higher repetition or really fast jumps If you want to prioritize fast I'm not Mad at you just work that booties rest We got one more of those and I gotta Tell you right now this booty has woken Up this booty has woken up you got to Keep your feet wide so we can keep these Bands on second set jump it out come on Squeeze now high flying fun it's like You really believe you're gonna fly for That one second every time you're like Is this the moment and then you come Back down you're like that's okay but Every single time I believed I was gonna Fly and that's how I want you to treat Your dreams you better keep believing And it's okay to follow shorts rest

Because the accomplishment is in the Journey you heard me I'm ready to preach Tell them let's pick up one of these Ways to get into our hinge motion these Are called good morning because you're Gonna lift that booty nice and high Squeeze it and say good morning okay now I see Leilani picked up a little weight Here one thing you could really focus on To modify the activity is to have more Bend in your knee the less you bend your Knees as you hinge the more you're going To be attacking the hamstrings but also Putting the lower back in a vulnerable Position there is nothing wrong we're Being vulnerable okay you got to be Vulnerable if you want to be exposed and Get stronger and that's what the lower Back is doing here a nice stretch Through the hamstrings squeeze that Booty okay we get to really catch our Breath here Before we get into more of the squats That you already knew was coming right We're gonna pick up the weight Get back into our squat rep this time We're going from wide feet stepping back To perpendicular sitting so you may Notice when I step back both of my toes Are turned out and you may also notice That Leilani on this set is going to Pick up both the weights I feel a little Bit more burned as you warm up you are Allowed to challenge yourself more and

More I only want to encourage you We got this booty to do what it needed To do okay keep dropping it low keep Spreading these bands like you're trying To break trying to see what these bands Really made of okay You will not give in today This bad is trying to hold you together You said now I will be where I want to Be legs wide open that was an adult joke Goodness last one here Get hello and putting these weights down Now we're getting back into that pulsing Action the pulse happens while the feet Are forward Three count now we're gonna step right To that perpendicular and bounce right Back join me here three two one open and Close boom boom boom open and close Now this is we just stay low and let it Marinate time under tension can't get The blood to pull in that muscle but it Also helps making the ligament stronger As well not just the muscle when we stay Low in isometric hole and rest let's Come on up remember any time you want to Beat on the quads beat on the glutes you Can do it second step not in two of us To do it let's Get Low set it pulse it Open it right up whoa Okay This is one of those times you have to Realize we're not here to have mercy on These legs you know

Your legs idea of a good time Is going through this type of Destruction I'll say it again all right Let's just finish the pulse finish the Pulse finish the pulse stand right up Now we're gonna get into squat jump side To side this time so high flying fine Land it high flying fun landed if you Haven't joined me join me right here Come on Hello you better let them know Coach Rene doesn't play She came to slay I don't know how many Times I can say that enough listen it Can be hack material I'm not mad all Right One more set Leila you do a little skip Side to side that works it does need to Be a full-on job but Compete with us if you want to come on Go ah because I landed load my power Push okay I try to look like I'm Standing straight up in the air every Time I'm in the air Open up that body come on That's how you unleash the inner Superhero let's go whoa whoa whoa Right oh my goodness I wanted the booty To burn before we got back to these good Mornings now You can stay With our traditional bilateral good Morning here or if you'd like get into Balance you can tap the toe back then

Push Towards the Sky resist that band And come back in now do not judge me Falling off the balance okay this man Offers some good resistance and then Also my heart rate is up okay and Balance has never been my strongest suit You would think I'd practice it more Knowing that I'm gonna be in front of Cameras but you know what You can't be perfect at everything But you gotta be all right We're journeying through and doing the Best that you can do hello I love when I Rhyme it really it really makes me happy I'm not lying to you makes me happy too Thank you I'll wait for someone to say It stand up tall in between each one of These reps finish up and pushing the Ground away Stand Tall to switch off Last couple here take your time I'm Giving you a lot of time on these on Purpose Because I'm a nice person and I want you To succeed finish strong here One last good rat boom you notice I Finished stronger than I started Don't act that Now let's get ourself a nice burnout to Finish out this workout it's skaters Side to side we're getting right into it Because I gave you the break you needed With those good mornings you got to Catch your breath I want you to turn it Out

Okay land with that knee bent let the Glute really soak in the momentum use Those arms those are turning towards the Booty that's working Oh feel it feel it rested one more time One more time if you like I didn't even Need that restaurant here I didn't need It push a little harder on this interval Ready go go go right now I'm trying to At least push To the width of my mat I set myself a Little goal like that oh my goodness Why did it just start burning like crazy Out of nowhere oh my God we're in it Together now seven seconds feeling burn Keep pushing Until the End keep pressing Teddy ass almost there wow Wow Amazing job amazing job celebration Celebration is it perkyo okay you see a Difference already because I feel what I Do Thank you so much lady Lottie thank you So much coming in here with all the Energy if you enjoyed what you saw here Today you know I have a whole playlist Right here on pop sugar right over 20 Videos on it you need to go check it out Thank you very much I look forward to Seeing you right here next time on Classical

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