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10-Minute Hardest Core and Cardio Dance Workout




10-Minute Hardest Core and Cardio Dance Workout

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What's up dance fit sugar my name is Brooke I'm a dance body trainer and Today I'm going to be leading you Through a 10 minute hardcore workout and When I say hardcore that's exactly what I mean this workout is all about Engaging your core muscles to help you Stand tall feel strong all while still Getting a great sweat so with that being Said let's get right into it all right We're going to start with those arms up Straight arms twisting from the Shoulders keep them down Really reaching those abs close it in of Course crunching those abs here we go Side to side four [Music] Close it in [Music] Circle those arms up three Pull it pull into that hip elbow towards That hip other side [Music] Good pull those elbows in crunch Side to side really extend those abs Again pull it in [Music] Dump it out out here But three two one three two one Jump it out Three two one Again roll it There we go hold it and roll three other Side

Working through those laps lunge it down Point through the foot squeeze it up two Engage that entire leg hold it here We're going to pulse it up eight seven Lift those abs to hold your balance four Three two other side lunges out And squeeze Two the answer abs are the best way to Go I promise nobody wants to do crunches Four more four three Jump it out Three two one side to side [Music] Jump it out Foreign [Music] Side to side [Music] Again and four [Music] It definitely helps if you smile right Ladies oh yes jump it out So I have my friends Alexa and Graciela Here with me today [Music] What's up girls hey jump it out And three two one Again All right that's it all right now we're Gonna pick it up a little bit we're Gonna start here Twist Three Two

Run it single single double lean into it Push it back four Again run it Push it Go ahead hold me here four three toe Heel big splits in the head Pull it up Kick It Up Left foot four three Pull it up Again Pull it up And twist Big twist in those hips Here we go double heel Heel heel dump it up Two Little party single single double That's right two more Again with the heel double time Two more Party single single All right here we go with the brick Elbow knee holding here three two here We go punch Quest is get that hop in There knee up to the chest four more big Twist Three Sharp two Other side and tap it Six [Music] Four more four You got it three [Music] Two

All right take a little breather here Pull it Roll it through the ABS four three Other side pull And roll Here we go with those jacks up Four more [Music] Four Three we take that toe heel again here We go Big twist Tokyo Pull it up four three two other side Twist Good big twist in those hips Point through those Feet Again Pull it Other side Double heel Okay this next one we're gonna have some Fun with it's fast So buckle up for the rides pump in four Three Other side really get into those hips Big twist from the ABS pump in four Run run pull run run crash crash Single single double reach Again Pull It in front Reach it out One more Angry Go ahead little salsa step side to side Push it out four three again salsa

Push it out Shoulder push four three reach it four Keep lifting those abs push those hips Back and forth fourth Foreign [Music] Other side And circle All right little shimmy break here [Music] Here we go salsa Push it up Again salsa [Music] Push it out Shoulder push And reach good poke it out here Again Sports All right little hip right here here we Go [Music] Have that chest bump other side Huh Salsa Take it out for four [Music] Again [Music] Shoulder push three Two more Last one Now here we go That's how you do it you guys all right Now we cool it down here

Start to bring those arms up [Music] Take your breaths we start one arm at a Time beating with the elbow [Music] Step it back roll it through the ABS Other side four [Music] Roll it back four Go ahead lift those knees up four good Sit into the hip Heel twist four three Other side Heel twist [Music] Good skip it up four three get those Levels in there hold it here high low With the hip isolating the hip here Upper body is still four three two other Side High look [Music] Subscribe from the top arm Good breathe roll it back four Three Other side [Music] And roll it Advanced body we call these Sexy ass But four three two Hold it here four three two good get Into those heels again up [Music] Heel twist Good take it to the other side twist

And swing it up four three Hip circles high low Three Two go ahead keep lifting those ABS Control everything control your movement [Music] Good Good really push that hip out four Three rolling through those abs big Rolls other side [Music] And roll it back Lift the heel [Music] Heel twist four Good really twisting from the Torso [Music] Twist Swing it up four three two this one's a Little slower so you have time to really Make big movement here Other side And circle four three two one and we're Done how are you guys feeling great that Was fun I feel like I'd rather do Standing ABS than boring crunches right Oh yeah all right I want to thank my Girls Alexa and graciello for joining me For this dance body workout today and Thank you for joining me on Dance fit Sugar I can't wait to do it with you Guys again see you next time

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