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10-Minute Follow-Along Dance Cardio With Amanda LaCount | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Follow-Along Dance Cardio With Amanda LaCount | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Welcome to dance fit sugar I'm Amanda Lecow and I am so so excited to have a 10 minute follow along dance cardio Routine for you guys I have some Assistance with me Adele and Madison and We are here to make you feel confident And the best version of yourself so Let's just get right on into it I can't Wait I can't wait anymore All right this first one we're gonna do I'm gonna go through it once slow and Then we'll have time to run it once all Together you can still follow me but First let's go through it a little bit Slower so what we're gonna do first is We're gonna go forward four times we go One two Three hey four and then we're gonna push Back one two Three four we're gonna repeat that one More time one two three hey push it back Two three four moving on from there We're gonna jump together jump if you Need a modification also Madison is Doing that so you don't need to do the Jump if you can't jump and I'm gonna go Kick right and left and jumping kick Kick and jump kick kick and jump last Time From here cardio the heart rate's gonna Get up here we're gonna go step throw Step throw one two step half step throw Throw one Step throw

Throw One more time throw throw one go ha from Here we're gonna go One and two And three we get a little full out four And other side two Three four and two more times back Front back throw front Back front back throw from here repeat Slide slide slide slide and back back Back back Slide slide slide slide back back back We're almost done we jump up kick kick And jump Kick two more times kick kick and jump Kick and you finish however you want Just something like slow there's a Little bit of an outro that Fades so Something slow that makes you feel nice And kind of kind of ends it on a high Note for you all right song one out of Three done time for the second one again I'm gonna kind of break down some of the Moves that are going to be in the Routine but there's also gonna be a lot Of repetition so I'll just call that out When we do the routine we're gonna start Rocking right left right right and left Right left left a lot of Personality Here make it your own half and left Right left left from here we're gonna go So we hit the throw yeah throw we do This eight times hey ha throw four more Times and down

Ah down and half down now we're gonna Kind of try to stay to this like Corner Because we have to cheat it to go the Step twist Up up and step twist up up and step Twist up up and step twist up now we're Gonna add on a little extra thing to That ha ha Quack clap and step twist Clap and I was like let's make it harder Clap and step twist clap clap last thing We're gonna go out roll roll my face Roll roll turn out roll roll and Out Roll roll turn me do it two more times Roll roll and Out roll roll last time Hey Let's go and out Then we're just gonna do a hip roll for Four counts and then we're just gonna Repeat so those are all the steps in the Routine so let's get started just follow Along let's do it Foreign [Music] Hey let's go You're doing amazing And cool Upstairs It's so hard to talk and do that Hip Roll Hey turn Let's go I like our burning whoa It's hot out

Now we do that hip roll one This side you look better with no makeup Let's go silly boys It's spicy Up Yay Only one more time Twist Again Almost done Hip Roll Oh Let's go Two more times Whoa all right our last routine is here This time we're just gonna follow along So let's go One two three There's a lot of flavor in this one a Lot of personality Hey Arms are freestyle Have fun with this hey Throwing to the front hey Run run Whoa I am dripping already hello one two Three I don't think I ever stopped right One two six I'm a big deal let's go Slowing it down [Music] Hey this is my favorite part I can Actually breathe Take it in while we have it Hey

[Music] We're gonna repeat Hey [Music] Over to the right Over Here Let's go hey We're almost there you're doing great Hey you got it let's go one two three One two three Let's go chorus Hey [Music] For sure Let's go [Music] We have a little break they know Hip Hip hey reverse Let's go Almost there Movie Let's Go We can do it guys I know we're sweating But that's why we came here let's go Down They know play with those arms have fun With it so your personality let's go Hey Let's go guys we can do it Almost there Chorus last time Let's go Hey so close

We're on top of our game We are let's go [Music] So close ending it with a rock and a Right We did that Hey and all right And finish it off oh I don't know if you can see it but I'm Like sweat sweating I'll see what right Here Um good job guys thank you to Madison And Adele They did amazing so did you I Am sure thank you again for taking this 10 minute follow along cardio dance Class I hope you had a fun time I know We did and we will see you next time at Dance fitness

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