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10-Minute Family Pop Dance Cardio With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Family Pop Dance Cardio With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey what's up everyone welcome to a very Special episode of dance with sugar I'm Your host poofy and I am so excited to Bring you my family here on set this is My mama Cindy say what's up Mom hello hi And this is my boyfriend Darius hey What's going on everybody this is a 10 Minute cardio pop workout the perfect Opportunity to get moving to get Grooving after that fun family food this Is our opportunity to share with you our Dance moves and anybody can jump in Right Mom anybody ready shoot we already Know we ready to get down oh And just like that we're gonna bring the Energy on the Dance Floor let's get to It all right beautiful people we are Ready to dance let's start with three Big breaths one for the body Let It Go One for the mind And your last one for your soul Let It Go something that doesn't serve you roll Those shoulders back and get ready to Swing let's get it right here swing it Up I love this move it's so expansive and I Love the way that you're doing it at Home too I feel that energy now stop and Pull right here pull yes add a little Squat if you want to get down with it Yes four three you're gonna push four Times push four times four three good Two one bring it up and over then you do That same thing again imagine a curtain

There and a big present waiting for you Look for it yes don't hold back Then we're walking forward ready three Two one bring those hands up Walk It Forward two steps right and left those Hands come across yes Mama I see you Back there and check out D he's adding That energy he's adding those jumps if You want it Good walk it back Then we're doing it from the top again Let's add those swings reach Big breath here remember if you don't Have a lot of space you can stay in Place Good now stop and pull right here Pull It in We just want that intention that heart Not about right or wrong it's about Feeling good for yourself right here Push it out four three how you feeling Mama good I love this hands up How you feeling D oh let's get it let's Go again I love this I love having my Family with me And I hope you have your family with you At home too turn this video on let's Turn up Walk It Forward come on four Three two one step it out Oh I love those jumps Babe I'm Gonna add With it Let's go let's go yes Mama she's Modified over here still having a good Time make sure you're smiling working

Those face muscles too ready we're gonna Step snap right here step snap Can you come a little closer mom come a Little closer to me hey there we go she Got that beat come on D I feel like the New age group we got a family swing in Here yes ready now back to your spots Now push it out or if you're at home and You don't have room you're like I need Room fam take those hands up four three Two one one more time breathe right here Good job I love this energy keep it up Because we're walking it out four times Two steps right and left come on Fast Hey you looking golden I see that light Walking back two steps right and left Come on Mom I see you let's get it Walk It Out step it out yes babe welcome back Now we got two more times how much Energy can you put into this come on fam Step it out or jump Yes yes welcome back I was just kidding we're gonna add two More two more walk in front and back yes So much fun walk it last three two one Two Taps spread your light big arms yay All right fam we got another track for You and it starts with step touch like This See that's up touch good here we go we Step touch my mom loves her steps snaps Me and D are gonna add some arms hey and If you want to work those abs add those Twists no D yes

I see you now here's some choreographies Top together one arm other arm now You're gonna pull it across your face And put on your crown on top of the head For my kings and queens out there add a Little bounce if you're feeling it no Mama pull it across put that crown on Your head step touch again yes there we Go we got that rhythm going I love this Feel that song feel that put them in Your heart that's all that matters add Those twisty come on hey yes good we got That Queen choreography coming up let me See those muscles one in one muscle Other side yes Mama pull it across put That crown on your head and I'm feeling It do you want to add some energy yes Take it across now fast feet forward and Back ready let's go forward now fan it Good again forward and fan it if you can Switch legs there we go yes Last one we're going back to that Queen Choreography show me those muscles one And one good other side yes take it Across put that crown on feel proud of Yourself you're looking great other side Yes yes and because we have a few more I Want all the energy you got in your tank Let's go come on adults bounces hey hey Other side come on reach it across put That crown on your head One Last Time Fam one and one other side yes take it Across put your crown on your head and Freeze right there hold

All right fam we've got another track For you and this is all about making Money moves we got your basket throw it Out three times last one stop clap clap Three good two one stop other side Yes come on Rhythm these are donations Let them go stop crap we got a good Credit we can let it happen three last Two stop make your room over your head Yes Mom karaoke Mike one more time make A root over your head and your karaoke Mic now hands stay here they just go Across and step forward Darius loves This moves he's the step master of Kentucky right here yes yes it back Here we go roll that wrist out three two Step together both hands roll it out we Do so much typing and texting this is a Great way to let those hands rest about One side four three good Two Step Together both hands roll it out yes team You ready to make your roof again D Let's Do It come on Step It Up make that Roof Mama good sing that karaoke song Her favorite karaoke song is I Wanna Dance With Somebody right Mama Jokes yes Now walk it out come on D show on that Step let's go walk it back and one more Time Hey hey look now throw out that money Oh I forgot there's one more Club it out we got three good we got two We got one other side again come on Throw more donations out Mama three last

Two one clap clap we got three pay two One stop make that roof we go over your Karaoke right here one more time up and Over sing that karaoke Then we're Walking in front four times we got four Three two one walk it back nasty walk in Front last time walk it back then you're Gonna throw that money in the air ready Throw it out Yes all right team this is all about Holiday photos come a little closer to Me we walk two times two poses are we Ready let's do it let's go walk twice One two two poses silly and sweet walk It back Christmas card remember oh yes Walk it forward now how about silly and Scary I guess Mama Halloween yes now we Boogie Half rainbow to rope yes rainbow now Pull it across yes that's a boogie right There that's what I'm talking about Switch sides up and pull oh I love this Great job fam Now we're gonna push twice squat down One give me one more point across two Times look across that dance floor take That hip down and up do it again two Squats yes point across two times one Two let's Boogie hip to Sky Walk It Forward we do it again two poses Glamorous and movie star yes Mama I love That pose let me see D okay work let me See your poses at home what you got oh Looks good

And we go two times now push it twice One good squat again two points across Really pointed across and take your hip Down and to this guy two squats again This is the last time team two points Across Take it down to your hip and to the sky Boogie it out yeah okay fam this is the Last track this is called you got this We got a great mind right Grapevine left Three steps it goes like this one two Three flat let's add some energy add Some Tempo a little faster mama you Ready let's go one two three hey feel Free to make this your own and then We're gonna add those poles like we did In the beginning stop and pull ready to Cross pull yes there we go team this is Our last track so I want you to leave Your heart on the Dance Floor now we got Three high fives top middle down clap Good top middle down add that energy Tempo one two three yes nice job T That's the whole choreography right There but right now add a stretch big Reach up and over [Music] Good take it to the other side I love a Good stretch in the middle of a workout Towards the end of this case roll the Arms back Good team are you ready to do from the Top mom yes Get it come on three steps right and

Left one two three hey I love this energy fam now stop and pull Ready stop and pull pull good and those High fives are coming up top middle down In three two one turn to the side top Middle down top middle down top middle Down top middle down Grapevine to the Side right here great fine last time Come on team yes add that fun flavor Right here yeah Now stop and pull if you're with me for Me to say whoo Good three two one high fives last side Come on okay this is the last time team Three two one last time give me a big Pose right here pose Amazing job family I'm so proud Bring it in mama how do you guys feel I Feel great oh my God this really Motivates me to go back to the gym hope You people at home will do the same Thing this is really healthy I love that Thank you so much family for being with Me thank you so much family at home from Our family to yours we wish you happy Holidays happy Holidays happy holidays Everyone thank you for joining us for Today on Dance fit sugar we can't wait To dance with you Bye Hey hey hey hey hey Come on Mama what okay okay let's go

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