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10-Minute Easy and Grounding Yoga Flow




10-Minute Easy and Grounding Yoga Flow

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Hello and welcome to breathe fit sugar I'm Nikki NE and today I'm bringing you A 10minute grounding yoga flow that is Ideal for beginners this episode is Presented by Athleta these Dynamic Studio sets are here to support us as we Move through this practice so this Practice is a great way to ground Yourself and connect to the present Moment and your intuition and empathy Let's begin with a calming and cleansing Breath [Music] In and Out let's get started so feet parallel Under your hips shoulders roll back and Down so this practice in order to really Feel anchored in yourself when your mind Is scattered and we feel all over the Place we'll use the breath so breathing Down into your belly start that now feel The belly rise and fall and the longer You exhale the more calm your nervous System will become and we'll really use That as a foundation to Anchor yourself To your Center through this practice so Let's just take three deep breaths to Take out any charge in the body any Tension so that we can get out of the Mind and into the heart so inhale Through your nose roll your shoulders Up exhale out the mouth drop them down Good let's do another one like that deep Breath in shoulders roll up this time

When you exhale give yourself a little Bounce maybe a little shake so that you Can just lose any of that charge in the Body one more deep breath in this time We hold the breath in hold it sip in a Little bit more air hold it drop the Chin to the chest stay Calm feel your feet root into the Earth And then whenever you need to sigh it Out Make Some Noise let that breath go Ah ah beautiful now from here we'll work Dynamically through chair pose so come To the top of the mat if you're not all Ready and I'll turn the face to the side Inhale bring your arms up Overhead and then exhale keep the arms Overhead bend the knees sit the hips Back into utkatasana chair pose and at The end of your exhale you'll fold Forward into a folded Chair inhale lean back into chair pose At the top of your inhale press to Standing straighten the legs keep the Arms overhead we'll repeat that exhale Out the nose nice and slow and smooth Find stability through your low back Sacrum end of exhale fold in keep the Legs bent as they are fingers to the Floor inhale Lean Back move through Chair top of inhale rise to stand let's Take three more like that in your own Time starting to really leverage your Breath letting that be the guide to how Quick or how slow slow your movement

[Music] Is let's do one more a lot of times when We feel ungrounded it's because we're in A rush in a hurry and so this practice Is to remind you that slow is Smooth and smooth is Fast and this next time that you move Into your chair pose go ahead and pause There take another deep breath In stay there and as you exhale feel the Root lock the pelvic floor lift and Tone that's going to really anchor you Into this present moment again deep Breath in stay in chair feel the body Heat Up exhale again pelvic floor lifts and Tones its subtle energetic work that's Happening here to Anchor you into this Moment into your body one more Inhale Long exhale draw the Naval back fold in Extend the leg straight coming into just A brief forward fold inhale take a Halfway lift hands to The Shins or they Could stay on the floor spine is long Chin to chest exhale fold in and step Your left leg back come into a nice low Lunge fingertips frame your right foot Right knee over the right ankle once you Feel solid in your legs inhale you can Rise up bring the hands overhead coming Into a high Crescent lunge exhale stay Here sink the hips down a little bit Maybe a soft Bend in the back knee so

That you can draw the pelvis under and Really feel the abdominal muscles lift And Tone the inhale will keep you right here Fingers relaxed jaw relaxed exhale You'll shift the weight forward just Slightly as you lean forward sweep the Arms back shoulder blades kiss behind You inhale bring the arms back up Overhead belly Expands exhale take that uay breath so That's a restriction in the back of the Throat making a ocean-like sound as you Lean forward squeeze back the breath is Nice and long on exhale inhale taking it Back up that's the movement you've got Three more like that in your own time Moving in this really intentional [Music] Way take two more and just notice the Speed that you're going how you feel Stay connected to your [Music] Breath The next time that you find yourself in That leaned forward High lunge position Go ahead and stay there three breaths Here if you want to take it a little bit Further you can press your weight Forward into the top leg extend the left Leg back keep squeezing the shoulder Blades chest comes parallel to the floor For warrior 3 if that's not available to You right now or not really what you

Need stay in that high lunge with the Forward lean take one more full breath Calm cming breath through the belly in Through the Nose out through the Nose if you took that Warrior 3 position Lower your left leg back down arms up Overhead well done go ahead and exhale Fold forward step your left leg forward To the right leg utanasana forward fold Inhale take a halfway lift this whole Practice doesn't have any downward Facing dogs exhale fold in step your Right leg back so it's great if we're Working with any shoulder injuries Inhale reach the fingertips back up all Right exhale sink the hips down you can Add in that energetic root lock of mulab If you want to really feel that sense of Steadiness on your next exhale Lean Forward shoulders in front of the hips Arms Reach back powerful the through the Legs inhale come back up super grounded So strong exhale sweep the arms back Behind You three more like that and the more That you can feel really connected to Your breath slow the Mind down and feel Really in your Body the more that you'll be able to Have that empathy for other people in Your Life being able to really respond to Situations rather than

React and hopefully bring a little bit More kindness in our interactions when You could understand where others are Coming from I mean we know that the World just needs more love more patience More kindness right now go ahead and Stay there hold option to just stay Right here and feel that squeeze of the Shoulder blades and that strength Through the legs if you feel grounded And balanced you can find Warrior 3 by Pushing off the back foot balancing on The front leg kicking the leg in a Parallel position just one more breath Here And then when you're ready you can lower Back down coming into that high lunge Deep breath In exhale fold in step your right leg to The front of the mat next to your left Leg utanasana inhale take a halfway Lift from here let's take a low squat Position so as you exhale the feet could Come together to touch bend your knees Wide and then that might be enough for You the heels can come off the floor as Much as they need to and then if you can Bring the arm out in front of you and Find your balance there this is our Original the OG melassa squat lean your Hips back as you reach your fingertips Forward find that moment of balance deep Breath in belly expands through the Knees draw the abdomen in as you exhale

And then gently if you can without using Your hands lower onto your sit bones Maybe find boat pose with the legs up Take a moment there Inhale and then exhale lean back on to Your back bend knees soles of the feet To the floor fingertips almost can touch The back of your heels so this is the Movement we'll repeat it a few times It's a dynamic Bridge inhale the hips Lift up the arms sweep up overhead chest To the chin back of the Palms to the Floor exhale to lower so we'll keep that Movement what we'll add in is this work Of a hum on the exhale so inhale taking The arms up hips High squeeze through The back of the legs the glutes exhale To hum and [Laughter] Lower again you have three more like That on your own this humming sound Really produces a soothing effect on the Body and the [Laughter] Mind two more at your own pace maybe Close the eyes as you just attune Yourself to the vibration of your own Voice last [Laughter] [Music] One and after that round just just rest Here open up the knees soles of the feet Touch you can bring your hands to the Low

Belly and just take this last moment of Our practice to stay connected to that Vibratory quality that the Humming brought through your Body and as you inhale just feel that You are receiving Energy and as you exhale sense that you Are feeling supported by the Earth It's as if the Earth is rising up to Hold you inhale just Receiving exhale feel Supported take three more breaths like That trying to extend the exhale nice And long through this belly Breath [Music] Just take this last moment to Notice maybe that the mind is more clear That you feel more connected to your True authentic [Music] Self If you feel that you'd like to stay here A little bit longer feeling supported And nourished by the Earth go ahead and Do so if you're ready to close out your Practice you can begin to turn over to One side and gently press yourself up to A seated position we'll close out [Music] Together bring your hands to Heart Center to prayer Maybe keeping the eyes Closed and just noticing the subtle Shifts that have happened in just 10

Minutes and that when you are focused And intentional with your movement you Can get grounded within yourself Immediately so thank you so much for Joining me here on breathe fit sugar I Hope that you can stay grounded and Connected to yourself as you move Through the rest of the day this episode Is presented by Athleta make sure to Come back and join me Nicki NE right Here to keep your practice consistent See you next Time

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