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10-Minute Dance Cardio Workout With Sheela Awe | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Dance Cardio Workout With Sheela Awe | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey guys welcome to dance fit sugar I'm Sheila Ave and I'm here with my girl Paris and Madison Today we're bringing you a 10 minute fun Dance party style routine so let's get Going DJ Turn It Up Turn It Up all right Right into it you guys let's go This is a fun one we're gonna party hey We're gonna start slow but don't worry We're gonna pick up the pace Here we go Live sweep I'll just slide Monday Pick it up here we go hey she's fine get Low come on Here we go slow punch punch punch And check it out like uh Other side punch punch [Music] Here we go One two three [Music] Go ahead turn Hey have fun with that y'all [Music] Come on Bend your knees There we go hey hey Here we go [Music] Hey [Music] Hey Again [Music]

Ready for a turn here we go [Music] Hey [Music] [Music] [Music] Pick it up hey And breathe Hey yay My heart rate is up we are warm next Let's go we're gonna do our kicks keep It slow here we go okay hey hey ready [Music] Here we go step And hit set And double and double pick it up you Guys see how the hustle goes okay you Know what you call our face Bros though Let's move Here we go [Music] [Music] Here we go Hey hey Ready pick it up here we go hey [Music] Hey hey Single step step double double okay [Music] Ready going back to the center Center [Music] We're going up there now [Music] Ready five six seven eight

Three Great job guys We're gonna start with a toe touch here We go hey [Music] Guys Here we go Foreign [Music] Step step Hey again [Music] Okay back to the top here we go step hey Hey One more account [Music] All right guys here we go Hey Nice snap I keep snapping me too again Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Here we go Here we go back to our top hey step Nice Here we go [Applause] Come on we've got the energy you ready Period hips go Hey isolate the hips we're gonna build Right here down but isolate the hips Here we go drop drop drop drop drop drop

Yeah Bring it down [Music] Hey hey We're gonna hit him double time with the Arm Hey All right here we go hey It's my favorite part get the breeze hey Get that win Make sure your accent is on top Ready everybody [Applause] Jump jump hey Hit it hit it Back to our jump boom hey Okay have fun with your arms guys this Is your woman right here hey hey And we're gonna bring it back to our Hips we go whoa yes hey hey hey hey [Music] Oh We're gonna build add a little bit more Momentum here we go Hey Here we go Nice work you guys it's the last one Keep your energy up girl yes All right we're gonna pick it up Should we jump let's go five six seven Eight jump high jump pee Almost there you guys we got this Five six seven eight Pivot

Jump hey [Music] Oh Hey we're gonna go back to our job And hey Come here buddy hey [Applause] [Music] Ready we're going back to our slide jump Six [Music] Here we go Last one best one Pivot whoa Great job you guys my girl Paris and Madison we'll see you guys on the next Dance bit sugar bye guys

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