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10-Minute Core HIIT With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Core HIIT With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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High class fit sugar I'm your host Natalie white I've got my friends Louisa Hi and Madison hello I'm so excited to Guide you through a 10 minute core hit Workout all you need is a mat are you Ready to do it let's do it yes Okay we're gonna start with a nice quick Warm-up take a big inhale arms up and Exhale elbow to opposite knee we're just Warming up that core nice and slowly Just breathe so today Madison's going to Be doing our modifications Louisa you're Going to be stuck with me for this one But modify if you need to take Everything in your own pace that goes For you at home as well yes always Modify what you need to we're getting That core nice and tight nice and warm Today all right two more seconds here One second we're gonna take the legs out Nice and wide soften the knees Hands To The Head taking it over and over putting That bend in the side just warming up The obliques so make sure you're going Straight side to side not twisting I Always say imagine you're stuck between Two walls you can only go side to side Or maybe something more exciting than Two walls wherever you're stuck today About five more seconds here and then We're gonna get right into our workout We've got 10 minutes to get it in all Right we're going to start with high Knees bring it up we've got 45 seconds

Here we have 15 second rest between each Exercise so really enjoy those rest make Sure you take that second to breathe all Those 15 seconds Good bringing those knees up nice and High remember we're engaging that core Today and there's a core hit workout Good so if you start doing it down here Not quite the same if you can bring them Up bring them up Okay let's go poor high knees we have Five seconds left in four three two one And 15 second rest I'm tired already how Are you two doing um we're gonna bring It down to the floor for some mountain Climbers so come on down find that high Plank pose are gonna look like this Knees into that chest fast or slow in Three two one let's go again you can Modify these try and make sure the Shoulders are right on top of the wrist Keeping the elbows nice and soft Shoulders down Chin off that chest How are we doing good how are we going We're good how's that blank hold Madison It's amazing Luisa how you doing I'm Ready to get sweaty oh she's ready I Promise we aren't gonna get nice and Warm nice and sweaty It does not take long to get that heart Rate up and to get a good workout in Good you got 10 seconds 10 seconds Good job everybody we have five four

Three two one Take that breath so good we're gonna Flip onto our bottoms My favorite thing sitting down here we Go we're gonna do a v-set Call this my cheerleader move You open the legs and you reach through Continuously in three two one let's go Bring it up again Take modifications where you need it oh Yeah I need it I know me too Ah I'm here no let's go you got Natalie I know I've got this we've got this at Home right Yes my dream job Is to be an American cheerleader Hasn't happened yet But I also have an audition to view once So maybe I should start there Oh or maybe someone will see this video And hire me to be a cheerleader we've Got four seconds In three two seconds last one second so Good we're gonna bring it back up to Standing While standing we're gonna do a little Oblique crunch with a bit of a hop it's Gonna look like this you're squeezing The elbow to the knee you can take out The jump if you need to just follow Madison all right let's go bring it in Good Squeeze so really think about crunching

In your sight again it's more about Working the core instead of just Focusing on cardio so that nice side Bend good we've only got about 10 more Seconds here and then we're gonna switch Sides good put it on this side to get Too too tired In three two one other side bring it Over crunch in that side good it's like A I don't know like a 70s dance move Almost Not quite Maybe I'm not sure I would uh Be uh interested in seeing anyone in This doing it in the club like let's go We have four three two one amazing shake That out you've got your 15 second rest We're gonna bring it back to that floor A lot of up and down today We're going to start in a plank we go Into a bare plank And walk it back into a high plank so Bear into high in two one let's go So we need to imagine You're balancing a tray of food or Drinks on your back And they shouldn't spill So that back stays nice and flat for me As much as you can now this will burn Your quads a bit I promise yes yes oh especially Madison Who's holding that that blank if you Need to drop the knees for a second go Right ahead and then try and get back

Into it keeping that bottom nice and low So make sure you're not giving me a Downward dog today not today we're not Doing yoga today Good All right you've got four seconds in Three Two One you did it okay we're gonna come on To our back so we're gonna lay on our Backs gonna bring it all the way down Bring the next table top up and down I Told you we're gonna tap The Shins And bring it down are we ready let's go So trying to lift and Tap The Shins You can always keep it A little bit lower if you need to Again look at my amazing Demonstrators for modifications It's still a good workout Even if you're not coming as high you're Still engaging your core the great Workout exactly And you always get as much out of it as You put into it So just because you're not coming as High doesn't mean it's not hard and it Doesn't take effort good use that exhale As you lift You've got 10 more seconds And guess what we're gonna stand again After this oh yes all that up and down Is great cardio two seconds Last second bring it all the way up

We're going to stand up my favorite part It's going to go three little jumps And a tuck jump knees to that chest take Out the jump and do single leg knee Lifts if you need to all right let's go Three little jump And tug Okay so Knees coming in front Really working that core for me Give me a little jumps A big jump or single legs Focusing engaging that core belly Buttons is fine that whole time Yes stay with me I'm right there with You this is not easy We're almost done Got 15 seconds Good I want to say what on our backs After this So yay look forward to that So we have five seconds left In three Two One shake it out we're gonna come down To that floor onto our backs for Bicycles they look like this I'll go to The opposite knee find that twist all Right in three Two one let's go 45 seconds and guess what This is the last exercise You are done after this short And painful

Like me here we go squeeze take it over You're supposed to say no Natalie you're Short and sweet not painful here we go Jordan strong short and strong I like it We've got 20 seconds Good how are we doing great amazing good Feeling it feeling it me too We've got nine seconds before that cool Down You can do it You're almost done in three two one Let It Go you Give yourself a round of applause we're Gonna take the leg straight Taking the arms back and take a big arch In your back like a newborn baby waking Up for the day Big Stretch take a nice Stretch in your abs So so good I want you to bring the legs In We're going to rock all the way up And then flip on over for me Good so finding yourself on the front Of your body come all the way down Take your hands under your shoulders We're gonna push up taking a Cobra stretch shoulders down To get a nice stretch in the center of Our bodies we worked those abs so hard Accent about YouTube I'm sweaty oh I'm a Sweaty man and the absence bring Yourself back to that table top Good I want you to tuck your toes and Then send the hips up give me a downward

Dog Good just press out the heels right and Left A little stretch out of those cards for All that jumping Or a little bit of jumping it felt like A lot for some reason it was just a Little bit of jumping and then press Both heels back Bend the knees walk the feet in Roll yourself up through the spine Tucking that chin to the chest head is The last thing to come up Oh we did it thank you so much for Joining me for that 10 minute core hit Workout yes thank you Luisa thank you Thank you Madison thank you and thank You everybody at home my name is Natalie Thank you so much I hope to see you on The next class fit sugar oh yeah oh yeah Let's do this yes

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