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10-Minute Cardio Barre Fusion With Nikki Nie | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Cardio Barre Fusion With Nikki Nie | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hello welcome class fish sugar i'm your Trainer nikki knee and today we got Ellie in the house my girl paris what's Up and we are here to take you through a 10 minute bar fusion workout to get you Feeling real good real quick are y'all Ready Let's do this all right so let's get Moving right away with a little jump Twist side to side If you need any modifications today we Got ellie that is going to show you ways To make a little bit more low impact so She's taking out the jump and then paris Over here is giving it her all and i Encourage you to do the same because we Only got 10 minutes so let's make the Most of that start to bring the arms up And just give me this little like party Dance because in just 10 minutes my Friend you can change your mood your day Your life let's go That feels good right i'm going to party About that Keep it going make sure to breathe and Then take the arms just like shake them Off shake off your day shake off any Worry let's just have some fun taking it To a little kick so just hand to Opposite leg legs are straight but you Can have a soft bend if you feel tight In your hamstrings but you know as Dancers we're usually a little bit more Flexible so you can get a little higher

If that feels good All right stepping out to a march We're just taking the knees up to the Chest keep the shoulders pulled back and Then take the arms out we're going to Internally and externally rotate So bringing the thumbs down the pinkies Up and then flip that Feeling that in the shoulders good we Got eight more maybe you start pointing The foot at the top getting ready for Some of our ballet technique that we're Going to get going Deep breath And then pull the arms in and out so Just taking it to a lat pull down Getting the muscles fired up through the Upper spine Increasing your Posture So you can stand tall and proud for the Rest of your day because you've got your Workout in And then take a deep breath in Letting that go Coming into a turned out position how Are you feeling really good let's drop Down to a second position crossing the Arms straighten the legs squeeze under The glutes and then take the arms over To the side as you reach again bend Straight into the center and then reach Over should we try that to tempo yeah Here we go in four three

Two hit it center Half to the side Down center feeling that nice grand play Through the legs and second position and Then let it feel a little bit more free Now Keep this movement going and let that be A dance Stay right here we're going to circle The left arm take it back you can just Take it to a shoulder roll like ellie And then reverse the direction other way Other side circle the arm take a nice Big circles Deep breath and reverse that Ah Just taking inventory of your body deep Breath in Drop it back down into second position Hands can come to the hips to start we Go for eight Seven so correcting the posture make Sure the navel's drawn back ribcage Close chest is open good we're gonna Take the arms out and lift the right or The left heel Just stretching out the feet yes Do we feel it already paris already i Know right Other side three minutes in sometimes That's all it takes so start getting That burn All right both heels we're gonna just Pulse that for eight

Seven Deep breath in for four Three straighten legs keep the heels Lifted find a quick balance And then shake that off bring the heels Together finding first position we're Going to take it nice to a degree so Your left leg comes out hands can start On the hips and if you're ready you can Bring them out to second position find That beautiful port of bra through the Arms And then other side take your right leg It goes in In oh it takes a moment to feel that Balance shift change So bringing the center over your left Leg now Yes and you got to hold your core for This too right always always been Forever hold the core yes let's take it To the other side you just got four it's Four Three Two other side Four Three Two all right hold it here we're going To add a little plie so we're going to Take it to a degree and then come right Back to center other side degaze second Press off that leg coming back again Try not to collapse the chest yeah You're feeling that yeah

Good Almost there one more round Maybe you can drop down a little bit Deeper into that second position And then stay right here bend the knees Arms low lift the heels just one inch Off the floor we go down an inch and up An inch Down up All right when i dip you dip Let's go Can you go a little bit lower and sense That your wall um there's a wall behind Your spine so that nothing is getting Round or pitched forward or back or Feeling weird just drop that down This is that moment where you invite the Shape of the You say this is only a 10 minute workout So make the most of it Deep breath in get a little bit lower For that last pulse of eight Seven Six we're gonna shake it out in four Three stand up nice and tall And just give me a little football Around when you shake out the legs take Him wide and in Get that lactic acid to just flush Out the legs hold the center take the Knee into the elbow adding the bounce if You would like at least showing you the Modification other side Three

Two back to that football run we take The legs in and out and take those knees To the elbows you got four Three other side right away my friends We only got 10 minutes let's do four Burpees right here down to the ground Ellie's got the modification for you if You need it If you want more you better jump higher Drop lower finish it out Awesome job that's it go ahead and grab A mat well done some water we're gonna Head to the floor Keeping your energy up we're taking it Down to all fours tabletop position go Ahead and drop your left elbow down Extend your right leg back we're going To work on the outer thighs lift that Right leg and just pulse it at the top So externally rotating through the right Thigh think about your pinky toe lifting Up towards the sky And keep drawing your navel in cage Stays closed you just got eight Seven Feeling that burn keep the integrity of The form we're gonna simply bend the Knee so taking it to an attitude leg Lift think that you're lifting from Underneath the knee Starting to feel that ladies yeah eight Seven All right keeping the leg lifted from Here we're gonna take the leg to the

Diagonal so it's an angle leg extension Out Out so a little small bend really think About the leg extending like you're Getting longer with each extension Four Three like that yes ellie get it girl Hold it right there hold it and then Lift the leg just from there Pulse Pulse keep that going four three we're Going to tap it to the floor lift it Right back to that same spot tap and Lift we finish it off right here so Finish it off nice and strong And then lower that down give a little Shake we'll go to the other side lower The right elbow extend the left leg and Then pulse it back up at the top So what i love about these 10 minute Workouts my friends is that what i've Found is most important in staying well And healthy is consistency So keeping yourself consistent with even Short workouts is going to be so Beneficial bend that knee take it to an Attitude leg lift so a little something Is always better than a nothing And don't you find like i already feel More alert more energized Yeah and then keep that leg lifted and Go ahead and take it out and in so Really focusing on the extension Deep breath in and out fuel your body

With this fresh oxygen Let it keep you going strong you got Four Three Hold it nice and straight little lift That pinky toe reaches up Nothing else is moving keep the rest of Your body nice and stable Yes paris is feeling it touch it down to The ground we tap and Lift finish it out for four Three Two One right away forearm plank my friends We're finishing it out our last minute So ellie is on it with the modifications So she's gonna hold that high plank like A boss and if you want to take some hip Dips activate the obliques you can watch Paris and i cause you just take it side To side I keep oblique workouts for sure you do Yeah i do i'm glad you're having fun Girl This one's for you then four four Three Two hold it right here adding one more Variation we're going to take it forward And back a little saw so you can point And flex the feet Ellie beautiful without modification Let's go four Three Two hold it we got one more little

Challenge we're gonna lift the hips up And the dolphin and squeeze it down Ellie's showing you just a down dog Variation finish your class feeling Strong feeling proud they're four Three Two Slower down nicely done go ahead and Give your abs a little stretch through Cobra You survived you know you thrived i Think right i think you're all we're Thriving press the hips back you can Take a moment in child's pose decompress The lower back Take a moment just to breathe and soften And receive all of the beautiful Benefits and energy from your workout And then rolling up It doesn't take too much time but it Does take quite a bit of that consistent Effort So well done yeah awesome job paris Thank you ali for joining me and thank You for joining us here today we'll see You next time at class fit sugar bye

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