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10-Minute Beginner’s Hip-Hop Cardio Workout With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS




10-Minute Beginner's Hip-Hop Cardio Workout With Poofy Moffitino | POPSUGAR FITNESS

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Hey what's up everyone welcome to dance Fit sugar I'm your host poofy I'm so Excited to bring you a cardio hip-hop Dance workout now this workout is going To be focused on the legs which means It's going to get to work yeah hey and Help me do that I got my girls with me So say what's up to Stephanie hey hey And say hello to Paris that's okay now If you're ready to dance with me let me See you pop [Music] All right dance fish sugar this is the Warm-up step aside aside with me we got You today on modifications check out Paris or Stephanie if you're going full Out step it out head up Center drop nice And easy tough into the knees take your Head to your ear looking good team all Right here we go out of bounds side to Side let's feel good hey okay we're Slagging it What get a little lower and especially This part you're about to get low here We go squat it out drop it down and up I Told you this is gonna be a leg Focus Workout a twerk out if you will you got Four more nice three Two and one stay down Okay are we pulling it are we feeling it Let's go last four last three and two And one twerk that leg in up All right you know what I want some Speed give it to me hey nice let's go

Stand up beat at the chest hands up Work four three two let's switch and Nice to step on that foot get the booty Back open up breathe how we doing team Girl are we getting through Round two you know what to do here four Three two one lift up down down hit that Center two I got excited there to the Side yes Now give me that bounce Let's just go into it put that chest Lean back There we go at those arms Yes our favorite part coming out let's Squat it out draw it down Every night get it right yes yes lower You got three last two and one drop it Down ah you can move this side to side Make this feel good add those arms but Keep it low to the ground last four you Got three and two one hands down slow It in bring it in speed it up let's go Let's get it get up knees in Breathe in breathe out Last time I said right here Good get that booty back bring it out Hey yes team give me a little more Bounce here Good four you have three Two give me a pose one and pose All right dance with sugar we got some Old school moves for you we got some Great dancing I'm excited to show you This one feet wide x marks the spot

We're gonna cross this way step and Cross cross those hands untrust yes Cross coordination is good for the minor Body yes let's have to please let's get It come on a little jump into it when he Starts to feel good really step outside That plane oh there we go nice Here we go pushes to this side push two I think that feel good you know what I Want right energy spice hey hey nice We're gonna fly this way Slide the hands If they're confusing keep them right Here they want to start to feel good let Them go yes four Three we got a rolling hit coming your Way roll right in front of you roll and Hit Yes now again what this has to feel good Through that energy three good two now Step touch breathe Nice job team you doing good what about You ladies doing amazing all right let's Take it from the top lots of energy this Time here we go step wide and cross tap Okay we dancing now I see you get it Four last three we're gonna push it out Two and one push it this side push hey Good Four more let's get four three Two Michael slide now if you're fans of Michael Jackson Remember the Time this Is where that move is from yes I love This move me too one of my favorites now Rolling hit come on Roll hey give it to

Me yes let the hair fly good four more Four pass three Two one All right team I know you got this so we Got your back so we're gonna put Everything together one and one you're Ready four three two one hit one Push Michael slide come your way slide Up Roll it hit get your pose coming out Right pose Yes all right dancers I got some combos For you here I'm really excited to show You this I'll show you what it looks Like crisscross let's go crisscross and Clap slap twerk twerk let's get it we Got lots of practice with this one make It spicy for me come on get it Again Now check out Paris if you need any Modifications she's not jumping but She's still making it look good she's Still having fun that's all we care About let's go pull those arms up to This side pull it twice now pull back Twice do it again let's get it ah Other side of the side come on pull it Up Come on how you doing girls good let's Go now push push me two pushes stand Together two knee pose Anything can happen with your hands you Can make it chew smile at him Work give me that smile at home now

We're gonna swoop twice now Stir It Up What sauce you got come on what's up You've got Paris I got all the sauce Give it a Swati yes Now this side tap's right here three Good if you want a little more work you Can dip under Hey here it comes in four In three we got that crisscross half Coming your way you ready one of each it Goes Hey twerks Hey now it's going down it's going down You ready pull it up oh pull twice other Side hey Pull it back now push Smirnoff push okay Right and left let's go you ready for That swoop coming your way swoop down Stir It Up last time [Music] Out y'all you look so good how you Feeling at home I love it I love it low you got a post Coming your way are you ready team let's See if we can go below three two one yes All right dance fit sugar this is gonna Be our last cardio dance track he's got Some lyrics y'all excited oh yes all Right you can imagine your best friend Being beside you giving him a hug yeah Good Now I stepped up again from the top last Time now pull yeah Now three steps

Two bounces [Music] Here's our last time team You ready my pose is coming your way Amazing job Cool down time well deserved here we go Take a big breath in And Let It Go For the body let's do one for the mind Ah let it go let's do this one for the Soul big inhale hold it up at the top Let It Go wow amazing job keep those Feet turned out reach for the moon That's what I call Moon squats we're Gonna bring the moon in towards us drop It down to the ground curve your spine Give it a little wiggle and Shake nice Job take it back up And let's do it again this time across The other hand right in front oh I love This for my low back One of my favorite things to do in the Morning let's go ahead and do one more Big inhale And exhale drop it down bringing that Move right to the center good and roll It back up go ahead and grab your tricep Grabbing that elbow pulling it towards The middle of your back maybe giving Your hips a little side rock breathing In through the nose and out through the Mouth letting go of something that Doesn't serve you if you haven't already Done so good give yourself a hug

And drop that shoulder away from the ear I have to thank my team Paris and Stephanie they've been amazing Awesome let's go ahead and switch to That other side how are y'all feeling Amazing I love that how are y'all Feeling at home Love to hear that give yourself a big Hug drop your shoulder down away from Your ear Nice work Team all right go ahead feet Together using this arm for balance if You'd like you can grab the back of your Ankle and pull your leg down towards the Floor remember don't stick that back out We're done with twerking so we're Getting to this stretch all right go Ahead and bring that knee into the chest Go ahead and roll out your ankle squeeze Those up from some balance bend that leg Spread your toes in your shoes if you Need some extra help go ahead and roll It the other way big breath in good Breath out spread them toes go ahead and Do the other side so what you got to do This is your cool down we want this to Make it feel good for you It's all about you boo-boo all right go Ahead and bring that knee into the chest Roll out your ankle One Direction My ankles crunching oh I love to hear That snap crackle pop in let's go the Other way Three two one nice job now let's take

One foot in front of the other bend your Knee try to reach down towards your toes That's my hamstrings I mean thank you For stretching me right I love this one All right slowly pull up let's go one More time to the other side big breath In Big breath out and go ahead and roll it On up let's take one more breath to the Body mind and soul here As you exhale feel it into your heart And I bow in honor of my gratitude for Your time your energy and your sweats Thank you to my team thank you to you at Home thank you for watching Dance Sugar we can't wait to move with you Next time peace out

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