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10-Minute ’90s-Themed Dance Workout With Arianna Davis




10-Minute '90s-Themed Dance Workout With Arianna Davis

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[Music] [Applause] What's up dance fit sugar my name is Ariana Davis and today we have for you a 10 minute 90 theme lower body hip-hop Dance workout are you ready to go yes I Am let's go hey all right guys let's Start out with a couple iconic 90s dance Moves first we got the three boxes turn It around that's a Cabbage Patch and Cabbage patch so we're gonna break that Down just a little bit just for the feet We go Pick that back leg up pick the front leg Up and three [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Any kind of way you want to go and it's A little bit of a freestyle ready yes Five six Reeboks hey Again [Music] [Music] [Applause] Let's do it again [Music] I'm feeling good let's do the Reebok Again and let's spice it up [Music] Get lower how low can you go It's a lower body workout Humpty Dumpty I'm gonna go high first

Chew it Up Get Low oh My legs on fire and up take a break take A break you gotta pace yourself [Music] Again let's do it now this time I want You to add your own Dynamics to it Get High Get Low you go crazy go stupid do Whatever you want to do [Music] One more time [Music] We got it [Music] One Eight two And that is all for the first phrase Good job we're doing so good so far so Let's keep going shall we okay We're going to do some slide snaps let's Go Together The arms go here Let's do it together okay [Music] You're doing great Now let's Get Low Hey hey This is a lower body workout after all Right next move we do a Hammer Hammer go So we gotta break it down so that we Make sure we're doing it right and not Rolling our ankles on the side right Okay so we're doing little steps Like this and we're coming back make

Sure you're not stepping on the side of Your foot coming this way And coming back the arms are going like This And they're going back maybe you could Add a little head roll if you're really Feeling it all right let's do that Together [Music] Get Low Hey Hey hey One more time And back That's it you did so great now let's Move on okay Hit the music the first thing we're Gonna do is call the elf ready I'll show You hey hey So we're lifting the heels and rocking Our hips back then we're going up up Down down up up down down again you got It up up down down then I know it likes Burning aren't they next after we do the Alpha we're just gonna ride it out and We're gonna rub our legs because they Hurt okay All right I'll show you what we mean Okay let's start with the owl Sick five six seven eight inches and Down and hit and down ride it out hey Whoa My legs be hurting And down and hit and down and ride it

Out Hey All right let's add some new moves all Right so you know that move at the end Of the sister act when they go like this Hey Hey hey hey hey That's my favorite move in the whole Movie So what we're going set set hit step And step toe toe toe the hands go like This You're flipping flipping away the haters You know push them away push them away Bye girl bye okay add a little bit of a Groove Hey hey you're doing great Okay next move Breathe It In Breathe It Out hey we got The Fly hey hey [Music] It's smooth it's smooth it's smooth so First we're gonna do the Sister Act move And then we're gonna do the butterfly And five Six Five six seven eight hit it hey and hit It hit it and Butterfly hey get free With those arms and hit it Hey it's butterfly hey hey I think we're Transporting that to the 90s I'm actually back from the 90s right Yeah

2002. Let's go one more time Hey And post All right y'all we just ended with that Section now let's move on to the last Song okay We started with the kids in play we go Hey to break it down we go step forward And back forward then we add a Twist Then we add the chicken arms Hey just to get the hang of it you know [Music] [Music] Let's go together yeah it's a bird Keep going you know we're just gonna go Right through it And smirk Smirk Yeah you got it one more time fill in The brine tasty I'm tired but we're Gonna keep going Hey hey Take a break catch the music take a Break in Ran out yes good job now we're gonna Move on to the Gucci all right I'm gonna Show you the arm first it goes like this And this And the feet go like this [Music] So together it's just so delightful so 90s Like householding house party hey hey

All right now next move we got is The Biz Markie it goes out across the sweet S Then we're gonna add a Little Rock to it Sweet yeah just like this now we're Gonna add a drop don't freak out we got It you got it Hey This is a good one get low hey [Music] Two moves together let's go Gucci [Music] Okay hey let's go how y'all doing back There oh where are you doing it Everywhere everywhere Gucci one more time Hey whoa that's it y'all take a deep Breath in Take a deep breath out All right my name is Ariana Davis and That was your 10 minute 90s theme Hip-hop workout give a big thanks to Lillian thank you and a huge thanks to Rahima if you have any questions Comments or concerns go visit Dancefit Sugar and if you want to see any more Videos with me also go visit dance sugar Leave a like comment and subscribe and You know what to end this out we're Gonna hit our favorite dance move ready Eight five six seven eight hey Whoa hey

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