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10 Items You NEED in Your Fall Closet – Fashion Trends 2023




10 Items You NEED in Your Fall Closet - Fashion Trends 2023

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Moving into a new season can be it's so Much fun especially if you own these 10 Fashion Essentials [Music] Hi I'm Leone and welcome to my channel Now I recently saw a video on one of my Favorite YouTubers channels and her name Is Lisa and I will link her Channel Below but she created a really Interesting video on 10 full fashion Essentials that you need to create a bit Of a cool girl look now this really Resonated with me and a lot of the Pieces that Lisa mentioned in her video Uh pieces that I would also agree are Essentials and it got me thinking that There are some more Essentials that I Really do think that we need especially If you have a little bit of a different Style so today I've decided to take a Leaf out of Lisa's book and create a Video on 10 fashion Essentials that as I Said earlier will not only make getting Dressed so much easier but we'll take The hard work out of fall fashion and Because a new season is the perfect time To have a good look at your wardrobe and See what you've got what you want to Donate what you perhaps want to store I Created a free workbook on closet Essentials and I will link that work Book in the description box below it's a Simple PDF that you can print out and it Will guide you through that process and

Just make it a whole lot easier as I Said that is completely free and it is Linked in the description box below but Let's get on to these pieces that I have Found and love and think that you Probably will too now first up when I'm Transitioning into a new season I Generally tend to wear the clothes that I've worn in summer but I kind of just Modify them slightly and create looks That are perhaps just a little bit more Trans seasonal and a little bit warmer And one of the pieces that I always find And essential to include and an easy one To update my wardrobe is the addition of Some interesting socks now hear me out For a minute just adding some socks to Some of your everyday shoes can Definitely make your wardrobe and some Of the outfits that you've been wearing And enjoying for summer just last that Little bit longer and some of the socks That I've seen are really gorgeous there Are some beautiful colorful socks there Are some what else have I seen I've seen Some metallic socks cute little colorful Ankles sort of fishnet socks and adding Those socks whirl as I said create a Little bit of warmth make your outfits a Little bit more practical for the new Season and also just create a fun Colorful statement So socks are a really easy and Affordable way just to transition into

The cooler months now next up I'm Calling this a sweater ladylike jacket I'm not really sure what to call it I do Actually own one of these and I will Hopefully be able to find you a clip Here and show you mine but I think that These sweater jackets are a little bit More of an upscale cardigan if you will And they've got gold button details a Lot of them or really interesting button Details they're cropped as a lot of Pieces for fall winter this year they Give a little bit of an elevated look to An otherwise simple outfit they're also Sweaters so they're stretchy and Comfortable and if you're anything like Me and you love comfort and practicality With an outfit that actually also looks Pulled together and a little bit more Elevated these pieces are perfect and at This point I just like to say a very big Thank you to the team at Squarespace for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now I have a Squarespace blog And watch this space I've got some Exciting plans that I want to share with You and some exciting updates that I'm Going to make to my blog and I can Actually make them myself because Squarespace is really easy to use so if You would like to get yourself online This year whether you have products to Sell or you'd like to start a blog or You need a new website for your business

Then Squarespace is definitely the way To do it and if you're anything like me And you're not overly tech savvy and you Don't want to know about all of that Back-end stuff you just want some online Presence and you want it to be easy then Squarespace is definitely for you the Team at Squarespace are also offering You a fantastic discount today and that Is to save 10 off your first website or Domain which is a really good offer now What I suggest you do is whip on over to take advantage of the Free trial when you're okay with how Squarespace works and you're ready to Push play on your own website then Simply use my my unique URL which is forward slash the style Insider and my code which is simply the Style Insider and that will give you 10 Off your first website or domain with Squarespace so if you do want to get Online definitely give Squarespace a Look in they are amazing I couldn't I Couldn't blog or have an online presence Without them now this leads in really Perfectly to the next piece that I do Believe that all of us need and that is A cropped shirt or a cropped jacket now Hear me out for a minute because I know Crops scare a lot of you but cropped Shirts and jackets create a very easy Outfit now the key is just to make sure That the crop Falls at the right place

On you and obviously if you're wearing More low rise and you don't want to show Your midriff off then this may be a Little bit more of a tricky Trend to Wear but in saying that there are still Very much a lot of high waisted like I'm Wearing today high waisted denim jeans Skirts you name it so anything High-waisted is going to work back Really beautifully with a cropped shirt Or a cropped jacket there have also been A lot of cropped trenches around which I Also think are super versatile and a Great piece for that sort of in-between Season they're not going to keep you too Warm or really have you swamped in Fabric but they are going to give a nod To that trench Trend so if you are still Wearing anything that's high-waisted Then definitely take a look at some of These cropped shirts it's again just an Elevated take on wearing a simple T-shirt with pants or jeans but it just Gives your outfit a little bit more Sophistication and that leads in really Nicely to Denim and as I said I'm Wearing a denim Maxi today and I Honestly do not know what I wore before I had a denim maxi skirt or I've got a Couple actually and I just find that These high-waisted denim Maxis Super super handy essentially you can Wear a cropped shirt or an interesting Kind of statement shirt with them or a

Simple top like the one that I'm wearing Today and just create an a modern Interesting outfit that is just Effortless and really easy and so when It comes to denim denim is very much a Happening thing I mean you all know that Denim doesn't go out of fashion but in Terms of denim trends Anything goes but essentially I think It's really key to own a piece of denim Whether it is a great pair of denim Jeans whether they're Barrel leg baggy High-waisted more low rise more skinny Whatever jeans work for you is the the Denim that's going to be right for your Lifestyle and your outfits of course It's not going to be one size fits all But if you tend to prefer more of a Baggy cut that is great there is a denim Piece for everyone and I do think that Denim creates a fantastic foundation for Lots of different outfit options and Outfits that can be worn casually and More elevated so now's the perfect time To find your denim anchor pieces your Denim Basics now I would also go as far To say that a maxi skirt is an absolute Must now there is also a maxi for Everyone regardless of whether you're Petite I as I said have been wearing my Maxi denim skirt I've also been wearing A couple of my Max see pleated skirts it Is winter here in New Zealand so I've Been very much in the Maxi mode but what

Seems to be happening for fall in the Northern hemisphere is some beautiful Knitted Maxis now these pieces in my Opinion are the perfect Staples if you Buy nothing else this season grab Yourself a knitted Maxi some of the Maxis that I've seen are in a finer knit Some have a little flare detail some are A little bit chunkier there's light Weights there's slightly heavier weights But these pieces are not only warm they Are feminine and they're just a Practical lovely base piece to create an Outfit from and when it comes to Footwear pretty flats are definitely Where it's at now ballet flats are Definitely having a moment and not just Your standard ballet flats there are Ballet flats that have sort of Mary Jane Strap detailing I've seen some beautiful Metallic ballet flats with ankle straps Steps Um what else have I said oh I've seen Some beautiful rhinestone and mesh style Ballet flats I've also seen some Gorgeous low rise heels now these are Perfect for anyone that like me likes to Wear a heel occasionally but doesn't Like anything too high now I bought a Pair recently let me just grab them and I'll show you now this is the sort of Heel that I mean and the reason that They are great is because for me I love A covered in toe because it doesn't

Matter whether I've done my toenails What my feet are looking like they will Always just look great with this covered Toe the fine strap detail is really nice Because it's not creating too much of a Break at my ankle because the strap is So fine and of course the height of the Heel is ideal because it gives you a Little bit of height a little bit of Femininity to your outfit but it's just Not too high so you can walk in these And feel comfortable but also still feel Feminine and wear a heel there as I said These are from Zara and they are still Available so I will link them below but They there are so many options like this I've seen some beautiful suede options And as I said the Bellow flat so when it Comes to Footwear for fall I would Suggest that you either grab a pair like This or some beautiful ballet flats that Work back with everything else that is On Trend and sometimes these little Pretty flats are just they're a nice Relief from wearing say chunky ankle Boots or even trainers but speaking of Trainers I also think it's important to Find a Chic pair of trainers now whether They are a retro style or just a classic White trainer whatever they may be I do Think that it's really key to find a Pair of trainers that work for you and I I don't know about you guys but I just Could not survive without a couple of

Really cool pairs of trainers I seem to Be reaching for them more and more these Days in fact I've got a pair on today I Wonder if I can show you Can you see there Maybe not hang on can you see here I've Got a pair of um Jordans which I Absolutely love but a classic pair of Trainers are going to work with skirts With the Maxis the knitted Maxis that I've talked about they're going to work With a lot of the key pieces that Lisa Mentioned in her video oh and while I Think of it I will link Lisa's video in The description box below so that you Can go and have a look at her pieces It's a great watch but some of those key Pieces are definitely going to make Getting dressed so much easier and Definitely just going to help create Some outfits that are on Trend and Modern but also practical and Comfortable too now another essential in My mind and this one doesn't just have To be for fall but you can choose a Piece that is full appropriate and that Is a crossbody bag now I'll grab one That I have shown before on my channel And it's one that I bought for for Winter here in New Zealand it's a Karen Walker crossbody bag a little bit of Shearling it's just warm it's cute and For me a crossbody bag obviously gives You that hands-free option but it also

Creates a little bit of shape and Interest to an outfit so this for me is A bit of a statement so regardless of What I wear my base outfit can be really Simple and adding this crossbody bag at The end is just a a simple way to add a Little bit of something extra to an Outfit and I said it gives an outfit Some shape as well and for me this has Been great I've had so many comments About this bag when I wear it and I grab My bag when I leave the house put my Sunglasses on and I have an outfit that Just has a little bit of interest in it But without Without being over the top and also as I Said sometimes it's really nice just to Have a looser outfit or maybe if I'm Wearing an oversized Blazer I love to Put this or any crossbar body bag that I Own on and that just kind of nips me in And gives my outfit a little bit of Shape which for me is a really important Part of having an outfit that's cohesive And just looks good oh and while I think Of it I wanted to say a very big thank You to everyone that took the time to Comment on my talk time Story Time video Recently where I sort of shared a few Personal things that have been happening In my life I will link that video down Below for you but I did want to say a Very big thank you to everyone that took The time to comment on that video I was

Overwhelmed by the amount of positivity And lovely comments I received so a huge Thank you to everyone for that and I Also got a number of comments about my Skin and I do tend to get some comments About my skincare and instead of Creating a whole video on that I thought That I would do a little Leone loves Segment in today's episode and share a New skincare product that I have been Trialling for the last couple of months It is cool now let me grab the products Here it's called bespoke Skin now these Three products have been I would say a Bit of a lifesaver for me now they are All cosmeceuticals so they contain Active ingredients this dream cream is Exactly what it says it's an absolute Dream cream and these products have been Designed to work together so there's the Cleanser which is a beautiful cream Cleanser and I don't know about you guys But I just don't like foaming cleansers Anymore they seem to just strip and dry Out my skin this one's creamy it takes Off all of your makeup and it's just Nourishing and beautiful and then you Finish off with this Illuminating serum And I do think that this has been my one Of my secret weapons to making my skin a Little bit more Loom in fact it's Probably the whole three steps of this Puzzle because what this little system Helps to do is reduce any pigmentation

Or uneven skin tone or sort of the Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Which are three things that I kind of Really do need my skincare to do so this Isn't sponsored at all but I just wanted To share some Australian products that I Have been loving and have definitely Been using and noticing a difference With my skin I will leave them Linked In The description box below if you want to Find out more about this brand but these Guys I think in fact they were actually Designed for travel so that you've got Three really hard hitting or heavy Hitting skincare products that you can Take with you instead of having to take 10 different products because if you're Anything like me I just any skincare Routine that requires lots of different Steps I just don't have the time or the Patience for it so that was another Reason that I loved this bespoke line Because there are three simple products And that's it so anyway these guys are Great it's a little tiny segment here That I just wanted to share something That I love with you and I will link Them in the description box below as I Said they're out of Australia so if You're interested in upping your own Skin care and you don't like it to be Too fussy or too many steps then Definitely check them out now this one May be stating the obvious but now is

The perfect time to also grab out some Of your lightweight knits there seems to Be a real Trend and a return of knitted Vests which I'm definitely here for we Saw them a couple of seasons ago and They seem to be back and bigger than Ever now a v-neck knitted vest is a Great addition to a full wardrobe it's a Perfect piece for those sort of trans Seasonal months when it's kind of not One season or another but you do need That little bit of extra warmth or an Extra layer so knitted vests yes there Have been some beautiful Mohair slightly cropped knits that I've Seen around so as I said it's a great Time to grab out some of your slightly Finer and lighter weight knits because These will Trend transition into the Winter months as well but they are Pieces that you can just grab pop in Your carry all tie around your waist tie Around your neck just to give yourself Yourself that little bit of an extra Layer of warmth but the vests are in my Opinion the perfect piece to own for Fall and last but not least the absolute Essential for me is long sleeve layering Pieces now not so much like the one that I'm wearing today but this would work There are some beautiful fine Lightweight 100 Merino long sleeve tees If you will now these pieces are great Because they do just give you that

Option of of wearing a colorful Long-sleeve Merino under a shirt or Under a dress you can whip them off if You get too hot they are fine they're Lightweight they're also usually and There are some that I found that I'll Link today that are a hundred percent Machine washable so of course with these Layering pieces you want to be able to Just pull them out and wear them and Throw them in the wash and they're ready To go so they they wash and dry and wear Really easily and really well so I do Think some of these long sleeve layering Pieces are an absolute essential and the Reason that I mentioned them in today's Video was not so much because they're Anything that's groundbreaking but Basically because some of these really Simple pieces that we often Overlook and We perhaps already own but we haven't Updated them in a while because we kind Of just treat them as the piece that's Sort of worn under something but you can Make a statement with these pieces in Beautiful colors and because they get Worn a lot they do tend to see better Days so take a look at some of your long Sleeve layering pieces and check out Whether you need to update a couple of Them so you are ready for the new season Anyway that's it from me today I hope You enjoyed this one and if you did I Would love you to give it a big thumbs

Up don't forget to subscribe to my Channel for more and I will catch you in The next one bye for now [Music] Thank you [Music]

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