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10 French Girl Fashion Trends You Need in 2024




10 French Girl Fashion Trends You Need in 2024

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True French style is all about creating Amazing outfits from Timeless pieces and In today's episode I'm sharing 10 Amazing trends that will form a great Foundation to any french inspired Fashion [Music] Wardrobe hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel the French just seem to have This less is more attitude to fashion And I really love it and I think it also Resonates quite well with a lot of us at The moment who are planning on shopping More intentionally building up a great Capsule wardrobe and just being a little Bit more mindful when it comes to our Fashion purchases so today I wanted to Shine the spotlight on French style so That you too can create your very own French inspired outfits okay I've talked A lot on my Channel about wideleg Trousers and manstyle trousers that we All know have been trending for quite Some time now but there's also this year A very big return to cigarette style Trousers and jeans so you know the type Those that are slightly tapered they're Also slightly cropped they give the Opportunity for your shoes to shine and Really get seen because after all with Wideleg trousers our shoes have been Kind of swallowed up and hidden for the Last couple of Seasons so I'm Particularly loving these cigarette

Style pants because they do give your Shoes a chance to shine they are as I Said slightly tapered they're very Flattering on most body types so if You're petite and you've struggled with Oversized trousers then you're going to Love this particular style now as we all Know the cigarette style is very French And the great thing is that because the Style is trending it just means that There are going to be more available for You to choose from so so I love the fact That this is a style that's happening For 2024 and another Trend that is happening Is peplums and of course if you're Wearing a little more volume on top to Try and balance your proportions it's Always a good idea to wear something a Little bit more fitted on the bottom and That's where these cigarette style pants And jeans really come into their own now Next up is the color burgundy and I know This can be a little bit of a scary Color for some of you it's quite a Strong rich wine inspired color but it's Also a very Timeless classic Sophisticated color and instead of Thinking about wearing burgundy top to Toe maybe think about it as an accent Color just to give your outfits a little Bit of something extra so maybe a Burgundy purse or handbag or a burgundy Scarf or pet some heels or even a jacket

So think about burgundy as a beautiful Accent color this year and as we Probably know it's a color that the French have loved and enjoyed for many Many years and as I said it is a Timeless stylish Sophisticated sophisticated Sophisticated color so one that looks Beautiful and it also pairs beautifully With the next Trend and that is the Color gray so the French are known for Wearing gray and anything from a sort of A light gray mile to a deeper richer Traditional gray now of course gray is a Neutral it's a really versatile neutral And it's a little bit of a change from The beiges and taes and chamy neutrals That we've been wearing over the last Few seasons and it's also a beautiful Color to wear with almost anything so a Little gray Cardy will work back with Anything you own I am seeing more and More gray Je jeans gray sort of dark Gray denim jeans this year as well gray Is also beautiful worn back with white Like a crisp white T-shirt or tank or Shirt so there's a lot that you can do With gray it can be dressed up worn more Casually and it's also as flattering and Timeless as black is so think about a Neutral this year being gray obviously It's a really French favorite as well Which is why it's on this list but good Gray is a great neutral to add into your

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Help I can get these days now I spoke in A recent video about quiet luxury or old Money whatever you want to call it I Don't like the the name but essentially This style of dressing goes very much Hand inand with French style of Classic pieces that are unobstructed With a lot of detail logo free simple Classic minimalist styling which is what I prefer to call it so this is very very Much a trend that is taking over 2024 so If you do like sort of paired back more Minimalist outfits that's definitely Something that is happening this year And definitely very much a French style And the way the French really kind of Stamp their own signature on this type Of dressing is with accessories so they Will perhaps use some statement earrings Or a statement scarf to just give a Little little bit of a fashion look and Feel to a real minimalist style outfit So if you love this particular kind of Minimalist way of dressing that's great It is French inspired but then think About taking it a little bit further and Adding just a couple of wellth thought Out Accessories to just give it that Little bit of extra French flare now Whenever I think of French style I can't Help but thinking of beautiful velvet Thick chokers as a kind of a statement Piece and choke is a very much a Happening look this year whether you opt

For something that's a little bit finer Or there are a lot of rosettes that are Being worn as chokers this year so Chokers are back but I do think you have To be careful if your neck is not your Favorite body part then wearing a choker Is going to draw attention to that area So that's the only word of warning that I have now the French are also well Known for wearing stripes so think about The classic Britain striped tea but Another print that they are also known For is plaid now plaid or checked Whatever you like to call it has been a Main stay of the 2024 Runway shows so Adding a little plaid to your wardrobe Is going to easily give you a bit of a French sort of inspired fix as well so Take a look at some of the Plaid pieces On offer it's also an easy way to give Some some of your more minimal style Outfits a little bit of Interest now Your classic loafers are definitely a Mainstay of any french wardrobe and so Loafers have been having a moment and Enjoying some time in the spotlight over The last couple of seasons and this year They're not going anywhere and what is Interesting is there seems to be a Loafer for everyone so if you're not Into that really Chunky lug Soul style loafer there's More of a refined Paired back style loafer as well so

Anything goes this year when it comes to Loafers so there really is something for Everyone and they look great worn with The tapered sort of cigarette style Pants and jeans that I spoke about Earlier also they work well with Menstyle pants they also look great with Shorts with skirts with cute little Ankle socks there are a myriad of ways To wear them and they definitely say French to to me so if you are a fan of Loafers then it's never too late to Really get on to the loafer Trend okay So next up is the classic French Chanel Inspired boot clay jacket now these Jackets just shout French to me they are Timeless they are a classic style they Have been trending for a couple of Seasons now and they are not going Anywhere so if you love this particular Style of jacket you know you're going to Be able to wear it and love it for years And years and I think that that is Definitely where we are all thinking a Little bit more consciously as I said Earlier about fashion and so these Pieces are are on this list for that Very reason because yes they've got a Sort of a French style and flare to them But they're also Timeless Classics that Will be great in a capsule wardrobe and That doesn't mean that you'll wear them Indefinitely it may mean that you'll Have a bit of a break from them for a

Season or two but then when you can come You can come back to them and enjoy them All over again so these beautiful Jackets always look they look great they Always look elegant sophisticated and Best of all they are Timeless and of Course I couldn't put a video like this Together without mentioning trench coats And I feel like a little bit of a broken Record but trench coats are again just a Trench classic and I think all of us Over the last few years have definitely Caught on we have dabbled in trenches Even I have I was not a fan of trench Coats for a very long time and I even Recently purchased one that's a kind of A cropped trench so I've jumped on board The trench bandwagon and I'm really Pleased that I have now they're not Something that I wear all the time but They are that final layering piece that Despite what I'm wearing underneath it Can create a a little bit of a sense of Style and almost pull an outfit together There have been times when I've raced Out of the house just wearing my gym Gear some leggings and a tank top some Trainers and I've thrown my trench over The top cross body bags sunglasses and I Actually look somewhat put together even Though I'm kind of really not and that In my mind is the beauty of a good Trench coat so trench coats are classic French styling that will really help

Create or I should probably say finish Off a number of outfits now last but not Least is an absolute French classic and That is ballet flats but this year they Have a little bit of a Twist on the Classic Chanel style ballet ballet flat And that is they more of a Mary Jane Style so I think that this is just Adding a little bit bit of a Modern Edge To a a classic style and it's still very Much French inspired but it just gives Your outfits a as I said just a little Bit more of a modern look and feel and Again I particularly love these ballet Flats because over the spring summer we Saw them in sort of more mesh Styles Over the winter we will see more sort of Covered in Styles but over the course of The year we are going to see a lot of Different variations of this kind of Mary Jane style ballet flat they are Practical they're sophisticated they're Comfortable and if you know me you know I like to be com comfortable as well as Looking good so these particular style Of ballet flats are definitely where It's at so if you haven't dipped your Toe quite literally into this trend yet Then maybe take a closer look anyway That's it for me today I hope you Enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love You to give it a big thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel for More and I'll see you in the next one

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