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10 French Girl Fashion Trends You Need In 2023 | The Style Insider




10 French Girl Fashion Trends You Need In 2023 | The Style Insider

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If you'd like to step out and style this Year then these 10 French fashion trends Are guaranteed to help you do exactly That [Music] I'm Leone and welcome to my channel now When I lose my fashion Mojo and just Need a little bit of inspiration I Always check and see what's happening on The streets of Paris I love Paris Street Style it's just it's effortless it's Chic and it always inspires me to look At the clothes that I currently own a Little bit differently so today I'm Talking about 10 trends that I keep Seeing popping up time and time again on Those street style picks and I'm sure Not only some of you will own those Pieces but they will also be really good Additions to your existing wardrobe many Of the pieces that I'm talking about Today and the trends are Timeless as Well so they're going to give you that Great cost per wear which you know if You've been following me here for a While is really important to me so Please let me know in the comments below If you own any of these pieces currently If you've been wearing them and how You've been incorporating them into your Outfits I'd love to know but anyway Let's get on with these Trends now the First trend is one that is very dear to My heart and that is tailored maxi

Skirts now I've been a fan of Maxis for A very long time I love the fact that You can look sleek and pull together Regardless of what's going on underneath And if I haven't faked hand my legs it Doesn't matter and Maxi is going to Cover that so it seems that there's been A shift from the sort of floaty floral Pretty maxi skirts to very much a more Structured sophisticated tailored look There's also Maxi denim skirts as well And I know that I've talked about them Quite a bit in my last couple of videos But these are also quite tailored as Well so if you like Maxis as much as I Do then definitely check out some of These tailored Maxis yes in denim but Not exclusively now quite possibly the Biggest Trend that I keep seeing popping Up is cropped jackets and this seems to Be every iteration of a cropped jacket From beautifully embellished cropped Jackets to shearling jackets to Tweed Jackets and oh yeah leather jackets as Well there seems to be every version of A cropped style jacket that is happening Now now I did know that crop jackets Were very much a happening thing this Year but I didn't quite realize how much They had taken off in Paris and I love The fact that these crop jackets do make It easy to create outfits especially With some of the high-rise jeans and Pants that have been on Trend lately but

They're also a really good Trend Seasonal piece a brilliant layering Piece for when it's not too hot or not Too cold great Trend seasonal piece Which is why I thought that I would Single them out in today's episode as we Sort of are heading towards Spring but Definitely these crop jackets in every Kind imaginable is on Trend in Paris and Definitely one that I think we can all Enjoy and at this point I just like to Say a very big thank you to the team at Peak for sponsoring this portion of Today's episode now just bear with me For a second because I want to introduce You to my new dream team now Pete teas And something supplements are Specifically designed to give you Radiant skin which is super important to Me and also they're great for your Health too I know that I recently Introduced you to the matcha which is Absolutely amazing but I've decided to Double team now and I've Incorporated The BT Fountain into my daily routine as Well now as I get older my skin is Definitely drying out and the elasticity Is just not what it used to be now these Two beauties work on both of those Things and for me it kind of makes sense I spend a lot of time and money on my Skincare routine and the products that I Use on my skin so it sort of makes sense For me to actually tackle my skin care

And health from the inside out as well The sun goddess matcha is a delicious Drink and in fact I've been using it as A bit of a coffee replacement because It's packed full of antioxidants and it Just leaves you sort of feeling quite Calm after you drink it which I Particularly love the BT Fountain is Making it so much easier for me to drink More water I don't know about you guys But I just struggle to drink as much Water as I need to and BT Fountain is Sugar-free and it is also super tasty so You just add a little bit to a drink Bottle or to a glass fill it up with Water give it a shake or a stir and it Just means that you are hydrating Yourself from the inside out I've been a Huge fan of matcha for a number of years But I was so pleased when I found Sun Goddess matcha because it's the purest Matcher on the planet it's ceremonial Grade and if you don't know a whole lot About matcha they are not all created Equal so it is really important to find One that is great quality and this one Certainly comes very highly recommended Now the real benefits of this matcha Include things like improved digestion Longer lasting energy which is a really Important one for me obviously clearer Skin and it also boosts your metabolism And reduces those sugar Cravings which Is especially good for me because I I

Had such a sweet tooth the BT Fountain Also contains clinically proven Ceramides to not only support your Skin's elasticity but it also provides Like a really deep hydration and that Deep hydration helps to reduce any fine Lines and wrinkles so that is why I'm a Huge fan but don't take my word for it Because the team at Peak are offering You a 15 discount plus free shipping of The peak radiant skin Duo all you need To do is go to forward Slash the style Insider you also get a Complimentary starter kit for everyone That uses my link which I will leave in The description box below so it's a very Cool offer and a great way to treat Yourself but also you get products that Taste good and that you can enjoy as Well so anyway let's get on with these French fashion trends the other Trend That I've seen quite a lot in Paris is Retro sneakers now I know this isn't Particularly new but what I usually find In Paris Street style images is the French seem to wear either loafer Ballet flats or straight Converse they Don't tend to wear retro sneakers as Much but I'm really loving seeing the Retro sneakers kind of everywhere I've Recently bought a couple of pairs myself These New Balance are my absolute faves I you know they're kind of they're kind Of retro but they're really modern as

Well they're super comfy and I've been Pairing them with everything from skirts To dresses pants you name it there's Such a versatile trainer I was also Gifted this beautiful pair of aloha's And they're just the perfect sneaker in My mind they're neutral so they're not Actually making a huge statement but They're comfortable they're Sleek they Look modern they're not too chunky but They're also not too Slimline and yeah In my mind these are a great sneaker as Well so retro sneakers and especially Sneakers in general are just enjoying a Moment in Paris fashion and I am here For it I love the comfort factor and Everything about this trend now this one Is probably more expected than most but Leather trench coats are very much a big Thing in Paris at the moment and in my Opinion a leather trench or any trench Coat at all is actually just a classic Piece if you've been following me here For a while you'll know that I recently Bought myself a classic trench and Absolutely love it it's taken me a long Time to kind of appreciate how Valuable these pieces are in your Wardrobe but it's it's great for me it Works for my lifestyle and it works for My style of dressing but I've really Enjoyed seeing these leather look Trench coats and what I have noticed is That there's quite a few that are a

Little more fitted because we have seen A lot of oversized pieces for quite some Time now so I'm enjoying seeing some of These trenches and long line coats that Are that are leather or leather look and They're also just a little bit more Fitted and less oversized so a little More tailored I've recently just updated My lineup and have this beautiful Leather trench that I love it this belt Detail is gorgeous and otherwise it's a Timeless piece and of course leather is Always going to be an investment but if It's a classic piece and a simple style And design you know for a fact that it's Not going to date so this is a new Favorite for mine I can't wait to wear It it's not quite cold enough here in New Zealand yet but when it does cool Down I am definitely going to get lots Of wear out of this but it was great to See the leather trenches and leather Look trenches are very much happening in Paris as well there's also a real preppy Look that's happening on the streets of Paris which I particularly love so Cardigans knitted vests cable knit Sweaters but they're not being worn in a Sort of a relaxed way they're very sort Of preppy and buttoned up and teamed With trousers and belts and trainers and For me personally I love the sock I Think it's just very sort of relaxed Chic and it's minimal but kind of warm

And cozy I love the sort of hand spun Element to some of these vests and Sweaters but teamed back with something That's more tailored like the tailored Maxi skirts and tailored trousers as Well so the preppy look is definitely Back it's not too crazy it's just an Elevated take on the trend and it's very Sophisticated and very modern next up I've seen seen quite a lot of that Classic French street style which is Some denim jeans just your standard Denim jeans worn back with a white Button-down shirt just a very classic Minimal easy outfit to pull together it Always looks great and it's absolutely Timeless so it's really nice to see The Return of just classic denim Styles now I have seen wider leg Styles team fat With white tees and button-down shirts As well oh and also double denim is kind Of happening as well which as we know is A big trend for 2023 but to see it worn In a very sort of chic French way on the Streets of Paris is also very cool so if You've been a little bit scared about Dipping your toe into that Trend have a Look at some of these images because There are some very styly ways to wear Double denim it's also a really easy Uniform it's it's kind of easy to put Together and in my opinion it looks Super stylish and while there are lots Of denim jeans is being worn what I have

Seen being worn as an alternative to Jeans is leather pants and leather look Pants so pleather vegan leather whatever You choose they seem to be very much a Trending thing in Paris and I know that We've all been wearing or certainly Leather pants have been on trend for the Last couple of Seasons but it's really Nice to see them being worn slightly Differently in Paris and definitely more Than I have seen for a while so I had to Include these leather pants I've also Recently picked up a beautiful pair of Leather pants these they're kind of like Cargo style leather pants and I do have A classic pair of leather leggings that I've owned for well over 10 years so in My opinion leather pants are a great Staple and I wanted to include them in Today's episode because I do think They're a great basic piece to own Especially if they are in a style that Fits and works for you now the jury is Out for me on this one a little bit Because as you know the French are well Known for wearing Stripes they do it Incredible really well just thinking the Classic Britain striped teas that are so French but what has been trending across The globe is striped sweaters in all Different sorts of colorways not just Your classic sort of Navy and white Stripe now the jury's out for me here Because I'd kind of talked myself out of

This trend but what I am finding and This does happen let me know if it Happens to you I'm sort of warming to This trend it's kind of growing on me as Time goes by and I see it more and I see It done in different ways and these Pieces style differently I'm starting to Definitely warm to this trend so these Stripe sweaters are very much a Happening thing on the streets of Paris And I kind of think I'm starting to like Them but let me know do you like them Did you wear them did you buy into this Trend and what do you think now this Next one is also really exciting for me Because it's a piece that I talk about Often on my channel and that is slip Dresses now slip dresses are going to Work for absolutely ever everyone I Don't care what you say if you want to Cover your arms or whatever you can wear A slip dress with something underneath With something over the top it is the Perfect layering piece and slip dresses Have always been on Trend in Paris but It's so nice to see them returning and Returning in all different sort of jewel Tones and lighter Fabrics as well a slip Dress is trans seasonal it's going to See you through so many different events And circumstances they can be dressed up Worn more casually slip dresses are a Must in my opinion so it's great to see Them on the streets of Paris now last

But not least is puffers and the French Have worn puffers with such style and in Fact it inspired me to go out and buy a New puffer I opted for black because I Wanted to keep it kind of Timeless as Well but this puffer is just the bee's Knees I love the fact that it's a true Puffer and it's loud and proud and Oversized but it's got this nipped in Detail around the waist which just gives You a little bit of shape so if you're a Bit like me and you don't like looking Like the Michelin Man in a puffer then This kind of detailing just makes it Really easy to wear but the French have Been doing amazing things with styling All sorts of interesting puffers in Different colors and different styles And teaming them with really great Outfits and in my mind a puffer is the Easiest way to keep warm and just be Cozy when it's really cold outside so Puffers on the streets of Paris have Been an absolute pleasure to watch and If you're growing a little tired of Hearing about puffers and all sorts of Winter wardrobe Essentials then click or Tap on the screen here and I'll share 10 Wearable spring fashion trends that are Heading our way real soon so click or Tap on the screen here and I will see You there

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