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10 Fashion Trends To Leave Behind in 2023




10 Fashion Trends To Leave Behind in 2023

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Now I'm a huge fan of wearing whatever Makes you feel good but there are some Trends that have been pretty big this Year that I think need to stay in [Music] 2023 hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel now I love fashion trends for me They serve as a guideline as to what is Going to be in fashion what I can expect To see in some of my favorite stores but Sometimes it's very easy to get a little Too influenced by some of those Trends And buy pieces that are just not going To serve you especially for the longterm So today I'm going to share 10 trends That have been happening this year that Are not worth taking into 2024 and given That 20124 is just around the corner I'm Hoping that this will potentially help You from buying some of these pieces or Maybe yeah giving some of the pieces That you own a little bit of a second Thought but of course these videos are Always contentious if you love something And it suits you please wear it and also Let me know in the comments below if you Agree or you don't agree with some of These predictions or some of my trends That I'm thinking need to stay right Where they are in 2023 okay the first Trend that I think needs to stay right Here in 2023 is Ty front Cardis but There is a caveat here Ty front card is Worn with nothing underneath I think

I've just seen too many of them that Just don't kind of look so great now Don't get me wrong if you love a TI Front cardi I think they look great with A tank or a nice chamisol or just Something underneath even a bodysuit but Worn with absolutely nothing underneath I just think that there's too much room For error and it just doesn't always Look as elegant or as elevated as it Could so for that reason that is number One on my hit list now there was a bit Of talk about lowrise jeans coming back Into style but it seems to have been Quashed by a lot of people kind of Rejecting the notion of bringing back Lowrise jeans and I think that they need To kind of stay where they are whereever They are whether it's I don't know where They are but luckily they haven't really Gained momentum this year and it seems As though next year we're going to see More of what we have already been Enjoying which is more sort of wideleg Jeans and cargo style denim skinny jeans Are happening but lowrise is not really Where it's at next year so I believe That they are number two on my list to Stay right where they are 2023 and they Were kind of only just here anyway but Lowrise goodbye and while we're on the Subject of denim there has been a little Distressing that's been sort of creeping Back into denim over the last couple of

Months but what I do think that we Should be focusing on for especially the New year is more of a darker wash denim The darker washers are definitely on Their way back and I do think that they Make for a more versatile more Chic and A little bit more of an elevated Approach to Denim as opposed to really Distressed pieces my fear is that once We start distressing denim it's a bit of A slippery slope and we'll end up with Super distress Styles happening again that sounds like A tongue twister so for that reason I do Think we need to leave the distressing Right here and move forward with more of The darker washed more elevated denim Looks and now I'm just going to take a Brief moment to thank the sponsor of Today's episode and that is Squarespace Now Squarespace is an online website Builder and host and I've used them for A few years now to host my website and Others you can use them for a Blog an E-commerce store store or whatever Presents you need online they have these Amazing templates that you can drag and Drop and customize to suit your needs And get everything up and running Smoothly they also have incredible Built-in SEO tools and an incredible 24/7 customer support team in case you Need a little help if you'd like to try Out Squarespace for yourself what I

Suggest you do is whipping on over to take advantage of their Free trial and then when you are ready To push play simply use my unique qrl Which is Thestyle Insider and that will save you 10% off your first website or domain With Squarespace I will leave a link in The description box below and a little Bit more information but if you are Looking at launching yourself online This year or next then Squarespace is Definitely the way to do it and when it Comes to accessories we've seen this Huge trend for sporting tiny micro mini Little purses and Handbags and they are Being replaced next year for more of a Sort of a slouchy relaxed and slightly Well quite a bit larger size now they're Not oversized but they're a lot bigger Than the micro mini bags that we've seen This year and that's why I truly believe That those micro mini bags that are not Very functional not very practical need To stay right here in 2023 now this one Is a little tricky for me to include but I'm suggesting that we leave the really Chunky lug Soul boots in 2020 3 and move Forward into the new year with more of a A Moto Style motorbike style boot so Still a bit of a grunty boot and Something that's a little tough and has Some Edge to it but not the Extreme stomping around lug style boots

That we have seen over the last couple Of years boots are becoming a little More refined next year but don't worry If you do love a chunky boot chunky is Still happening just not those extreme Chunk chunky styles that we have seen This year now I personally think that This one is a bit of a no-brainer but Barbie core is something that needs to Stay in 2023 okay I totally get it the Barbie movie happened this year and we Were all a little bit too excited about Bright pops of pink but I do believe That unless pink is absolutely your Color and suits your lifestyle pink in The way of barbiee which is probably a Little bit more of a top to to to pink Look probably needs to stay in the Present and not taken forward into 2024 I do suspect I'll have a little bit of Backlash on this one so please let me Know in the comments below if you still Intend on embracing your inner Barbie And moving forward into the new year Wearing pink or if not please let me Know but I'm suggesting that Barbie core Needs to stay right in this year when The Barbie movie came out and we can Just draw a line under that and move on Now I'm sure a lot of you will be Pleased to hear that oversized like very Oversized Manstyle clothing is something that we Can quite comfortably leave in 2023 now

Don't get me wrong we're still seeing Some oversized Silhouettes so if you do Have oversized Blazers and they're not Too extreme still wear them and enjoy Them or potentially experiment with Nipping them in at the waist with a Chunky Bell or a tie style belt we are Definitely seeing more nipped in wastes In 2024 so if you did succumb to those Super sized suit jackets and coats which I certainly did then think about just Reinventing them next year if you are Going to take them into 2024 maybe just Have a bit of a play and nip yourself in At the waist with some belts and see how That looks now I'm not mad about this One at all and I do think that I have Probably been talking talking about it a Little bit and midi skirts are being Replaced by Maxis now if you love a midi Skirt and you feel that a maxi is going To overwhelm your frame or just sort of Be a little bit too much then definitely Stick with your midies but midies in 2024 are not going to be seen as often They are definitely going to be replaced By a maxi maxi skirt maxi dresses and That works for me I particularly love The trend of Maxis I especially love Them in summer when I don't have to Worry about fake tan or how my legs are Looking but if you are a fan of Maxis Get excited because next year is all About them whereas midies have been

Happening and we've sort of been Transitioning from a midi length into a Maxi so if you're not a huge fan of Midies then you can just say goodbye to Them and leave them right here in 2023 Now there is a little bit of a theme Going on here but our chunky chunky Sneakers are being replaced next next Year for very much more of a a fine line Sneaker as well I personally have just Bought myself some Addidas sbers I've Been wearing the white pear white with The black stripes for the last couple of Months now and loving them I've just Ordered myself a black pair I've got to Say wearing slightly Slimmer line Sneakers did take a little bit of Getting used to for me because I was Wearing pretty much chunky sneakers for The last couple of years but once you Get used to them they Slimmer line Sneakers actually look great they're Super flattering they look really cool Worn back with more of the baggy style Pants that we are wearing and some of The The Wider leg jeans and they also Look great just worn with some socks and A skirt or a mini or with shorts they're Just a little less bulky and for that Reason that's where sneaker Trends are Heading for 2024 of course if you love chunky chunky Sneakers and they're working for you You're going to take them into 2024 and

Who knows maybe Beyond but the key Sneaker style for next year is Definitely more of a Slimline style Another big trend for next year is the Introduction of exciting outerwear Pieces and I would say that we can kind Of say goodbye to our boring outerwear And when I say boring I know I have to Tread really carefully with this because Everyone tends to own a great black coat Or a camel coat and that's great maybe Just park some of these pieces because Next year is going to be all about Interesting Cuts styles and colors when It comes to our coats and jackets so of Course don't disregard some of your Really good essential pieces that Perhaps are a little more Plain just hide them aside keep them Aside for a little bit further down the Track but as essentially next year our Outerwear is getting a whole lot more Exciting and I'm very much here for it Because when it's cold Outside we need as much dopamine Dressing as we can possibly get well That's certainly my opinion anyway so Look forward to exciting shapes styles And colors and prints and patterns when It comes to our outerwear now you know All about the fashion trends that need To stay here in 2023 I'm sure you're Going to want to know the most wearable Trends that we can expect to see next

Year in 2024 these Trends are set to be Huge so click or tap on the screen here And I'll see you there

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