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10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fall 2022 Fashion Trends




10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

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Today I'm sharing 10 fashion pieces that You should never ever part with because If you do you are guaranteed to regret It [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel I spent 20 years working in women's Magazines both here in New Zealand and Also in Australia with seven of those Editing New Zealand's top selling Fashion magazine fashion quarterly I Left magazines to share my passion for Fashion with you right here on YouTube I Also love a good shortcut so consider This channel your shortcut to style now Today I'm sharing some fashion pieces That you should really never part with And I know this because I've learned This lesson the hard way now as I said Earlier these are not the pieces like a Trench coat or a white T-shirt or the Pieces that you would expect these are The pieces that are kind of easier to Let go of but they're the ones that we Need to hang on to now first up one of The main items in your wardrobe that you Should always hang on to and that is Anything leather now that goes for Leather shoes clothes jacket skirts Whatever now obviously if they have worn Out and you're shoes have seen better Days that's a different story altogether But so often we will move out pieces Like amazing leather boots because the

Heel isn't quite as as on Trend as heels These days or the toe shape has changed But as we know with fashion these pieces Are and these Trends are cyclical so There are opportunities for us to wear These pieces what we generally need to Do when this happens instead of getting Rid of those pieces and moving them out All together is we need to just park Them up somewhere or store them until The time comes that we can wear them now I know that that's not always easy and Space isn't easy to come by but just Really carefully consider moving out any Of your good leather shoes especially But any of your leather pieces are in my Opinion Timeless pieces those Styles Those shapes those colors those cuts Will all come back and those leather Pieces are always going to be able to be Worn and enjoyed so really think long And hard before you let go of any good Leather pieces now next up and I know That this isn't a piece that everyone Necessarily owns but slip dresses are Absolutely Timeless and if you look at a Classic slip dress they don't change They don't change in shape or detail Sometimes you may get a little bit of Different Strap detailing but all in all a slip Dress is a classic basic piece that Never dates so don't move them out if You're not wearing them or if they're

Not a piece that you grab for often Again just park them for a bit because These slip dresses will always come Around I've been around for a long time They do keep coming back so don't move Them out even if you are at the point Where you're not happy with your arms And you prefer covering up they're a Great layering piece and you can wear Them with sweaters over the top jackets Blazers over the top they're a fantastic Timeless piece so don't ever ever part With your slip dresses and at this point I just like to say a really big thank You to the team at Squarespace for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now I have been using Squarespace for a number of years and About six months ago I moved my blog Over to a Squarespace platform in my Opinion Squarespace is the easiest way To build any sort of online presence Whether it's a blog or if you have Products to sell Squarespace is the way To do it now the beauty of Squarespace Is that they have these amazing Templates that you can choose from so Essentially all you do is grab one of The templates that you like the look of And seriously within about an hour you Can be launching yourself online it is Really easy certainly goof proof for not So tech savvy people like me the other Great thing that I love about

Squarespace is that everything is there In one place so if you want to sell Products you can do that from your Squarespace site if you want to check on Your analytics and see where your Traffic's coming from it is there if you Want to send out emails to your audience It is there so it is streamlined and Really really easy now Squarespace is Kindly offering you a 10 discount off Your first website or domain with them Now what I suggest that you do do is Whip on over to have a Little bit of a play around get familiar With the platform and then when you're Ready to launch use my unique URL which Is simply forward slash The style Insider and then my discount Code which is just the style Insider and That will save you 10 off your first Website or domain so if you are planning On launching yourself online I can hand On heart recommend Squarespace as the Best way to do it now when it comes to Eyewear and in particular sunglasses the Classic style and shape is an aviator Now I know again this probably won't be Everyone's cup of tea but if you own Aviators and they suit you don't ever Move them out they are a classic and yes Of course I wear Trends change and Styles and shapes change significantly But wearing a pair of aviators will Always work regardless of what some of

Those other Trends are so they are a and I wear a sunglass shape that really is Timeless And so don't move them out put them away Perhaps have a break from them for a While but aviators are Classics next up I would always say to hold on to your Luxury items so these are pieces like Your silk pieces your cashmere and of Course these styles are going to change And go out of fashion a little bit at Times but generally these Quality Quality pieces can always be Incorporated into a more modern outfit So regardless of their style their shape They can be brought in if the pieces That you own are really looking like They're not going to work with your Current lineup again just try and pack Them for a bit these luxury pieces are Generally really hard to replace And they are pieces that generally can Be incorporated into more modern fresher Trend focused outfits it's just about Spending a little bit time having a Little bit of a play classic example for Me is a long cashmere cardi that I own It's a Thai cardi it doesn't hugely Excite me at the moment but I did have a Bit of a play in my wardrobe recently And created a few outfits that are more Modern that have given the cashmere knit A new lease on life so some of these Luxury pieces and in Quality quality

Fabrics are a Timeless you need to hold On to them and sometimes you may just Need to work a little bit harder to come Up with some new fresh ways to Incorporate them into your looks now the Next fashion classic is one that I've Always been kind of unsure of when I've Seen on these lists but I have recently Realized that a simple white shirt Really is a classic and doesn't date yes There's different details on shirts with Pocket detailing and shape and cut with With hemlines but a classic lovely white Shirt is in my opinion a wardrobe staple It is a piece that you can do all sorts Of things with create all sorts of looks With use it as a lightweight jacket in Summer you can use it as a layering Piece buttoned up throughout the year There are so many ways to wear and use And incorporate a white shirt into your Outfits so I had to include a white Shirt as boring as it seems and sounds I Had to include a white shirt in this Lineup they're such a versatile piece to Own now that leads in really nicely to The next piece and that's a shirt dress Now similar to a shirt a shirt dress is As versatile Super flattering and the great thing About a shirt dress is that you can wear It in lots of different ways of course You can wear it as a open as a sort of a Duster final layering piece you can wear

It buttoned up and done up so that it's A one and done dress you have an instant Outfit they can also be dressed up and Worn more casually as well so dress them Down with flat sandals or trainers or Wear them out with some heels for Evening so they are a versatile piece And if you haven't discovered the Versatility of owning a shirt dress you Haven't lived but shirt dresses are Those classic pieces that can sometimes Seem boring when they're hanging in your Closet but they are so versatile you Never want to part with them now next up Is a black blazer or for you it may be a Camel colored blazer or whatever works Best for you but a classic Blazer is Also wardrobe staple and it is always so Tempting to move those Blazers out and I've got Blazers that I've had for years And I don't wear them as much at the Moment because they may be a little bit More fitted or cropped and that's not The style that I'm loving at the moment But I know that those Styles will come Back so even though I'm wearing Oversized man style blazers at the Moment I'm hanging on to my more fitted Cropped Blazers too because I know I Will wear them not right now but I will Wear them at some point so Blazers or The Blazer that works for you is a piece That is timeless it may not work for for You all of the time like some of those

Other Blazers that I own but hold on to Your Blazers because too often I see Women getting rid of these Blazers Because they're not the latest Trend Different styles will come back so if You've got the space hold on to them now That leads in really nicely to my next Piece that I regret having parted with a Number of over the years and that is a Good classic denim jacket I actually own A couple now and the only reason for That is because they're different shapes And styles and in fact I have one that's Quite old that I'm thinking of cropping Because I've been seeing Karen Brit Check wearing a super cropped denim Jacket over some gorgeous sequined Dresses some beautiful evening dresses And I love that high low juxtaposition I'll see if I can find some photos here And show you but denim jackets are those Pieces that just are versatile they are Always in fashion it's a little bit like A great pair of denim jeans the jeans That suit you are the jeans that are Always going to be in fashion for you Whether they're skinnies whether they're Boyfriend whatever it is a denim jacket Is the equivalent of that and again There's that versatility as well you can Wear a denim jacket wrapped around tied Around your waist to create shape in a Say a knit sweater dress or you can wear Them just draped over your shoulders for

A little extra layer in the cooler Months they are just a great versatile Piece so a denim jacket in my opinion is A piece that you hold on to at all cost Unless of course you're going to DIY and Crop it which I think I might do and so Let me know in the comments below if you Think I should crop one of my older Denim jackets and create something a Little bit new and special with it hi This is leonie in editing mode I am Really sorry I don't know what I've done But I have managed to delete number nine I was clearly having a bit of a senior Moment and number nine has just gone Poof and it has disappeared so I thought I would just turn the camera on and Quickly film number 9 to share it with You and I think this one may be a little Debatable I'm not sure how many of you Love this particular item but I'm a huge Fan and that is good old Converse Chuck Taylors I've actually moved some of mine Out in the past and got rid of them well Before their time and I've always Regretted it Chucks have been around for Almost ever and they certainly for me go With everything I own I pair them with Dresses skirts pants you name it so if You are thinking about moving out some Of your Chucks just don't do it and Please let me know in the comments below If you wear chucks if you're a fan if You have always liked them I always love

Chatting Down Below in the comments when A video video goes live so yeah I'd love To hear what you think of them and Whether you include them regularly in Your lineup too but if you're on the Fence about some of your Chucks and You're not quite sure about whether You're will wear them just hold on to Them trust me now last but not least the Other piece to always hold on to is a Puffer jacket and I'm sure not all of You own puffer jackets but any type of Puffer slash quilted jacket is going to Be a piece that is worth holding on to And I know when the weather gets colder It's always tempting to update our coats And jackets and certainly of late Puffers have been very much on Trend and There's been some metallic puffers that I've seen out there and beautiful bright Colors and I can see that the Temptation May be to let go of some of your Classics blacks or your navies or your Simple classic puffers because there are These new modern bright colorful Trends Happening but don't let go of the basics Don't let go of that good hard-wearing Black puffer now I'm not saying that you Can not update and get something that's Colorful and fresh and exciting but just Hold on to those Classics those basic Pieces that you will wear forever Regardless of fashion trends anyway That's it from me today I hope you

Enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love You to give it a big thumbs up and don't Forget to subscribe to my channel for More I have some great videos heading Your way real soon and I wouldn't want You to miss out on them when you do Subscribe click that Bell notification And that just means that you'll get Notified every time I upload a new video But thank you so much for watching and I Can't wait to see you in the next one Bye for now [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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