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10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | 2024 Fashion Trends




10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | 2024 Fashion Trends

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Some fashion trends are so good that They turn into Classics you know the Pieces that you're always reaching for And they form the basis of many of your Outfits those Classics are definitely Worth holding on to and today I'm Sharing 10 Classics that you should race Out and buy right now or at very least Hold on to and don't even consider Decluttering hi I'm Leon and welcome to My channel now we all need those can't Live without pieces the essential Building blocks of our wardrobe now Today I am sharing some of my essentials And I'm picking that they may just be Essentials that are great for you too The last essential or classic that I Mentioned today is definitely going to Be a little controversial to say the Least so definitely keep watching until The end so so you can weigh in on that One in the comments below but let's get On with these fashion Classics that we Either need to own or definitely never Declutter now first up and I think one Of the most essential pieces that I own Is just a classic crew neck sweater I Also have a tip for crew neck so I like To always wear a t-shirt underneath so You see a little pop of generally white Underneath one of the things that does Tend to happen though is that t-shirt Sort of slips down and you don't see it So what I do suggest you do is wear the

T-shirt back to front the back of the T-shirt is always a little bit higher so You're always going to see that little Sort of Slither poking out which I truly Think gives any cunic a little bit of a A fresh look and feel and the reason That kics are number one on my list is Because they can be worn more casually Worn more dressy you can style them with Trousers or jeans you can also wear them For an extra layer you can wear them Just sort of draped I was going to say Slung but it's kind of more of a drape Draped over your shoulders wear them Tied instead of a scarf you can wear Them to add a pop of color to an outfit It's a really classic piece that is also Versatile and has lots of different Potential wears so never rule out owning A great crew neck sweater oh and I Almost forgot another great way to wear Your kwex sweaters is with a button- Down shirt underneath you can either Wear the collar out or tucked in you can Wear the shirt hanging out or a half Tuck it's just another way to perhaps Play with color adding different colors To give a little bit of contrast to your Sweater but just another way to wear Them so they are versatile and de Definitely very much Keepers now next up Is the scarf coat and I've talked about These a little bit on my channel and I'm Pretty sure it was the scandy label

Totem that created the sort of craze for This scarf coat Trend last year so last Winter these totem coats I'll put up a Picture here so that you can see what I'm talking about they were everywhere I've also seen them around and about This winter as well but what seems to Have happened is this trend has very Much morphed into a classic I've seen Lots of different interpretations of Scarf coats and in my mind they just Make a lot of sense you have a an outfit Or a coat with a matching scarf you Generally can wear them separately they Generally are detachable not always Though and so you've got that Versatility with a piece you've got an Outfit you've got that warmth and you Have a piece that you can love for years To come I have a beautiful scarf coat That I've recently picked up from from Goelia and this is probably a really Good opportunity for me to say that I'm Partnering with goelia today to share Some of my favorite Essentials with you Now you guys always seem to be asking me To do trons I don't tend to do a lot of Them but I'm going to try on a few of my Essentials today and share with you why I particularly love them oh and if you Haven't heard of the brand goelia before They have been around for years in fact They I think it was a couple of years Ago opened up a flagship store in my

Hometown of Sydney Australia I'm Actually heading home in a couple of Weeks time so I plan to go and check out The goelia store in pet Street Mall very Much looking forward to that but goelia Is a brand that really creates some Beautiful essential pieces I've also Grabbed some new pieces from goelia that I want to share with you throughout this Video I'm actually wearing one of their Sweaters today strip is another Essential that works for me I like my Pieces to be a little oversized I'll Stand up here and show you I'm actually I've tucked this one into just a pair of Trousers I'll see if I can do a cutaway And show you better but yeah I love this Particular sweater too because it Appeals to me with the sizing with the Stripes and also it's got some detailing Here on the neckline with these Beautiful button gold button details so I can actually turn this sweater into a Polar neck a turtleneck here or I can Unbutton it and have a different look so Again having some of your classic pieces That offer real versatility is a great Thing too that's where the scarf coats Come in they've got that versatility but They are also a classic I also wanted to Share a couple of my new goelia Favorites with you too so take a look at This I love this little cropped jacket And I especially love the fact that it

Pulls together an outfit and just gives An instant sort of edge to a very casual Outfit because all I'm wearing is a Skirt in trainers and it just gives that Little extra Edge this is another Favorite it's a great boxy jacket it has A beautiful Herring bone pattern in the Fabric I love the fact that it's super Structured and is really timeless it Also looks great buttoned up and worn Open it's a real Goodie now this one is just a classic Camel coat and it's really simple I love The fact that it's not too long so it's Not overwhelming it also just falls in The right place so just where my leg Starts to narrow down it kind of covers Up that inner thigh area which is not my Favorite and it's just a really Versatile jacket obviously you can wear It open you can wear it tied and it's Just a beautiful shade of camel as well So I see myself getting lots and lots of Weird out of this one the fabric is also Really soft now I've got a thing for Stripes and you guys probably know that And I have a very similar goia cardigan SL jacket to this one but I love the Fact that this kind of gives you the Option to wear it buttoned up and it's Double breasted which is just a little Bit different it's got that cute little Button detailing that a lot of the goia Pieces have and again I just love this

Because it's super comfy but just makes Your outfit look a little bit edier and This was just a no-brainer I love Anything with a hood and it is super Warm and snuggly it's got these cute Little toggle details here and I can see Myself wearing this one for years and Years it is just such a versatile Snuggly jacket that will go with Absolutely everything I've just got it Here with a very simple base layer Underneath but I can see myself wearing This with jeans polos t-shirts I mean You name it it's crazy this one would go With absolutely everything and of course This is the sweater that I've already Talked about and you've seen but I kind Of wanted to show it to you just hanging Out or you can wear it tucked in and That neckline is just super versatile as Well I kind of love the unstructuredness Of it and of course here is the scarf Coat the famous scarf scarf coat I'm Getting Tongue Tied there I love the Fact that it's kind of got a little sort Of pea coat look to it it's it sort of Is shaped so it kind of Falls really Prettily and it's almost Cape like but Again with that little scarf which is Actually not attached so that gives you Some options there as well it just makes For a great little last minute layering Piece I'm also delighted to say that the Team at goelia are offering you

25% off all of the full priced items on The website so I'll leave a link to goia In the description box below and I will Leave links to all of the goelia pieces That I'm wearing in today's episode I Would suggest looking at the size chart And definitely measuring yourself to get The size that works for you I'm wearing As I said a large in this sweater it's An oversized sweater anyway but I also Wanted a large because I love getting Sweaters that are long enough for me in The arms which is super tricky when You're a bit of a giant like me with Really long arms but yet the team is Offering you that 25% discount as I said You can whip on over to the goelia Website I will leave a link in the Description box below and simply use my Code which is TSI 25 to take advantage Of that discount so anyway let's get on With the next Trend and I as we go along I'm going to share some more of my Favorite pieces from goelia now one of My wardrobe Essentials and a classic for Me to own and I think this might work For a number of you guys too and that is A trouser suit now we've heard so much About tailored manstyle trousers Trending and oversized trousers High-waisted you name it they've been Definitely having a moment but what I Would suggest is if you are looking at Investing in a pair of manstyle tailored

Trousers maybe take it one step further And look at a tailored suit now the Reason for this again is that you have An outfit those two pieces are going to Work well together always you can wear Them in a kind of a sexy way if you're Going out and perhaps nothing under the Blazer or a slinky little chemol top There are options when it comes to Buying a set and I do talk about that Quite a bit so tailed pieces definitely Work in my wardrobe it's not a look That's going to work for everyone I know That everyone doesn't wear Blazers and Tailored trousers but certainly for me It does so when you're thinking about Those pieces think about a a suit I have Two tailored suits that I have worn and Owned for years I love the fact that I Can wear them as a suit as a really Quick and easy outfit or I can also wear The pieces as separates which I do a lot Of the time so trouser suits are Definitely the way to go so if you are Investing try and look for a suit option Now next up is a chic sneaker and I Truly believe that every shoe collection Needs a lifestyle trainer for want of a Better description so these are trainers That you can wear with everything for me Personally I've got the sbers in black And white I've got lots of different Trainers that I wear and love all the Time but the one particular style of

Trainer that I go back to year after Year after year is a classic Converse Now this may be different to you for for You but for me a classic Converse is Just a a no-brainer it is a wardrobe Essential for me I own and love the Classic kigar son Converse collab you Know the ones with the little red sort Of hearts on them I'll flick up a Picture here I wear them with skirts Dresses pants jeans shorts you name it I Also love the great Converse run star Hikes I haven't been wearing them as Much of late but I know that this is a Trainer and a shoe that I will wear for Years and years no matter what happens In terms of styles whether trainers Become Slimmer or whether they become Chunkier which will inevitably happen I Know that a great Converse will always Stand the test of time so for me my Classic as a Converse if you haven't Quite dipped your toe in the trainer Trend yet then I would actually suggest Going for a simple straight black Converse you actually can't go past them I know that some of you complain that Converse don't have much support and yes That is definitely the case and I Suppose that's why I've gone for the com Dearon collab they are Beautifully paded inside and have great Support and also same with the runstar Hike I usually take them when I go to

The St with me because I know that I can Wear them all day and do loads of Walking and my feet are supported and Comfy but every every wardrobe needs a Classic lifestyle or Chic sneaker now This one almost goes without saying but I am including it on my list because it Is such a classic and that is a pair of Hoop earrings now today I'm wearing more Of a modern kind of earring but no Matter what I could always put on a hoop Earring and it's going to just work it's Going to look modern and on Trend and There really is a hoop earring for Everyone from smaller dainty every day Or if you prefer large loud and proud Hoops or chunky Hoops or little Huggies There really is a hoop earring for Everyone so if you generally tend to Wear studs or you're looking for a new Go-to or a a classic earring that Reg Regardless of what happens in fashion Will always work then you absolutely Cannot go past a great pair of hoop Earrings now this one I would argue Would work for absolutely everyone and It is a camel coat now most of us tend To opt for black as the sort of the goto Classic coat and while that definitely Works it's a great option if you want Something that's a little softer on skin Tones or just something that will always Look a little bit More fashion and perhaps a little bit

More interesting camel is a great way to Go now I'm not necessarily suggesting a Trench coat but camel coats whether it's A scarf style like I showed you earlier Or more of a boxy cropped camel jacket Like the beautiful new one that I have From goelia here or a Longline camel Coat there is a a camel color that is Going to work for everyone and as I said It is just a Timeless option obviously Black is the go-to it is the classic but If you want something that's a little Bit of a departure from that but equally As versatile then a camel coat is Definitely going to serve you well now Next up is a great cropped jacket or Cropped Blazer or cardigan any cropped Outerwear pieces are Classics in my mind They don't change a lot over the years They perhaps come and go when when it Comes to fashion trends but we're not Talking Trends here we're talking Essential pieces that regardless of what Is happening in fashion you're going to Be able to utilize these pieces and wear Them and wear them for years to come so A classic cropped as I said Blazer Jacket or cardi is always going to be a Winner for you just a little word of Warning though is St clear of wearing Your cropped pieces with say a mini a Really short skirt I tend to think this Just looks a little bit same same and a Little bit cut off but you can wear them

With pretty much everything else from Dresses to skirts to trousers they're Especially great with high-waisted Pieces highwaisted trousers paper bag Style trousers so they're super Versatile and what I would say too is if You're worried about any mid drift Showing just wear a fitted piece Underneath whether it's a fitted t-shirt Or or a button- down shirt that you can Wear tucked in or even a bodysuit is Just going to give you that sort of Coverage and that cohesion to your Outfit as well but don't underestimate The power of a great crop jacket for Just adding an extra warm layer to an Outfit they are not as hard as you may Think to wear in fact they're really Easy and super versatile so if you've Always gone for a longer length jacket Then definitely consider crop now next Up and this may seem very basic but Sometimes the basics are the most Important elements to a wardrobe and That is a simple black white or gray tea Or tank and I would also go as far as Saying even a long sleeve tea you always Need these layering pieces whether They're for under sweaters or whether They are for under Blazes sometimes you just need a very Very simple piece in fact fact I wore a Long sleeve black mesh top in a recent Video I had a few comments asking for a

Link to the top now that's a top that I've had for 10 years or 10 plus years These really good basic layering pieces That don't have logos or designs on them Are going to stand the test of time and They're going to be able to be paired With absolutely everything you own they Can be worn over under they're great With slip dresses you name it you always Need these basic layering pieces and Often I think we forget how important They are and we Overlook them we don't Replenish them or we get excited about Something with sequins or logos and we Don't realize that we don't have some of Those really good base pieces so have a Look at your own wardrobe do you have Those simple black white or gray Whatever works for you teas tanks and Long sleeve teas or pieces as well They're great Classics I could not Survive without them and they are pieces That I tend to update fairly regularly Now next up is a great pair of Sunglasses that may not necessarily be The latest and greatest on Trend glasses But glasses are such a personal thing Regardless of the trends sometimes a Trend will work for you sometimes they Won't but if you have a great pair of Sunglasses that you know you can put on You feel great in them they work with Everything that you own so not just a a Pair that only work with certain outfits

A great pair of sunlasses is not only a Really practical style statement but it Is a style statement are all of these Get ready with me that I see and have Been talking about quite a bit recently The final piece of the puzzle is usually A great pair of Shades so don't Underestimate a great pair of sunglasses Now I'm not suggesting that you go out And spend a whole lot of money on them All I'm saying is that buy a pair or Hold on to a pair that still works and Looks great on you and that will be Different for everyone now this last one And as I said earlier it's probably Going to be controversial but a classic Or certainly an essential for me and I Think it's most likely an essential for A lot of us is a great pair of cargo Pants and cargo pants have been trending Over the last couple of years which has Been great there have been lots of Options out there but cargo pants are Super versatile you can often see them Dressed up with a pair of heels and a Slinky chamisol or a tube top or a tank But they can also be worn really Casually as well with a sweater or a Polo neck or a simple t-shirt they also Look great with a button- down shirt There are so many ways to style a Classic pair of cargos and they don't Seem to date we have seen in the last Few seasons cargos that are slightly

More wider leg but I have a couple of Pairs that are also cinched in at the Ankle and I will hold on to them forever And I also have a couple of pairs of Denim pair that are wider leg so they're Kind as a cargo pant for everyone and They are Classics I have owned a pair of Cargo pants for probably close to 10 Years and for that reason I do think if You haven't dipped your toe in this Particular Trend it might be worth Trying out some caros you might be Pleasantly surprised how versatile they Are I actually still love my camo caros As well and we'll still pull them out And wear them from time to time but You can't beat a great cargo pant anyway That's it from me today I hope you Enjoyed these options don't forget to Take advantage of that go earlier Discount code 25% off all full priced Items on their website all the details Are in the description box below but Thank you so much for watching if you Enjoyed this one I would love you to Give it a big thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel for more and I'll see you in the next one bye for Now For

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